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    Reliable Way to get USD to Argentina now

    Hello! I need to send a relative money in USD (they need to actually receive USD and not AR) to pay for something in cash in USD. I am in the US and have accounts in both the US and Europe (not in Argentina) any ideas?
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    For those of you who are good or bad is your Castellano accent?

    Learning Spanish in Argentina is like someone wanting to learn English in rural Kentucky of the US. Honestly, and ironically, even the Spanish of Spain (the original Spanish) is not very relevant anymore, as the mainstream is, as mentioned in a previous post, neutral Spanish.
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    $200 Limit Now Includes Card Payments

    So the 200 USD monthly limit imposed by the government now includes charges in USD made to credit cards (things like Netflix and other subscription services) and charges made abroad on argentinean issued credit cards. This basically means Argentines won’t be able to travel anywhere because I...
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    Just wondering...Do I have to pay my rent?

    Hopefully you are joking, but if not, I do believe (and someone who knows about this better please comment) that stays at hotels, even long term hotels, have different conditions and legalities than regular apartment rentals. The hotel could very well call the cops and have you removed.
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    Colorist in Buenos Aires

    Alex is a great colourist at Cerrini Patio Bullrich
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    They looked slightly out of place...

    That’s crazy... I used to walk down that path almost every day. The Recova usually had a policeman standing guard round the clock at the time as most of the restaurants there are upscale and Recova is literally steps from Villa 31 and it’s cavern-like ambience probably would make it a cakewalk...
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    Diazepam & Clonazepam

    You need a prescription. Any pharmacy.
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    Customer service - lack of

    LOL Not only do they do not care, but they probably already had a million excuses to say no already pre-rehearsed in their heads and are non apologetic about it because it’s summer vacation and you are cutting into their valuable time of doing.... nothing. Has the enterprising guy from...
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    Accent reduction coach near Palermo?

    I have sent you a private message.
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    What's an effective way to promote a food product in BA?

    LOL, thanks for the hilarious read.... What everyone is saying is absolutely true technically regarding “what could happen if...” scenarios. I think if your plan is to just be a small at-home type business, and you are catering to a specialty group of people who rather than be envious of your...
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    Vanishing Starbucks

    Alsea the company that runs Starbucks in Mexico and Latam as well as parts of Europe has gotten very aggressive about closing stores which they think are underperforming. Some demographics for some of the stores from when they first opened them have shifted and/or they’ve now been able to score...
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    2 tourists shot outside Faena Hotel P. Madero

    To the ex pats arguing that it can happen anywhere, while it is true that crime can happen anywhere, perhaps it is my naïveté but the ruthlessness and modus operandi of HOW these crimes take place in Argentina, usually are the reason why many of these occurrences are talked about for months and...
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    Bank notes

    It used to be an almost weekly occurrence. Once I even had a pretty prestigious client pay me in fake notes. (I’m sure unbeknownst to them) I found this out right away by trying to take a cab outside of their office and was able to go back to them with it.
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    Two factor SMS Codes

    Bank of America can do email verification. I just wish they’d offer callback on international as opposed to the collect calling feature.... How is it possible to actually call collect these days when there are no pay phones?
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    Public Primary School in BA?

    I think the biggest difference is that these private schools you mention are international private schools, and try to charm the affluent expat/embassy set by offering a curriculum and environment similar to a posh prep school back home, but like most things catering to the ex pat bubble, they...
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    Recommendation For Short-Term Apartment Rental

    I agree. Usually what I do is I do a normal Air BNB reservation and check the place out for a few days/week, afterward, if I like the place I casually mention that I plan to stay in BsAs longer and am looking for a longer-term accommodation and if they know of anything.... Many times, they come...
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    Public Primary School in BA?

    I don’t have kids first off, however I do have lots of Argentinean friends who make decent (but not exhorbitant) salaries who all have their kids in private schools— the more “normalito” ones NOT the 10k sheltered bubble ones. I assume these aren’t as well known as they probably don’t do the...
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    Public Primary School in BA?

    What would you consider affordable? Most of the more “normalito” private schools are what many people would consider affordable, especially comparing the cost to schools abroad, whereas it’s a few very select top schools which are prohibitively expensive.... That being said, these very elite...
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    Western Union money transfer

    it’s not like you really feel it, it would have been great(for expats) if the dollar had risen without the massive inflation. Honestly I feel like even at 80 I would still get less for my dollars then when it was at 4.
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    Life in Buenos Aires and first impressions advice

    If the salary is in USD and it’s lucrative then I would say go for it. I would make sure though that as part of his conditions, even if it’s in USD, he negotiates raises based on the country’s inflation because, unfortunately, it seems the the inflation always catches up with the dollar somehow...