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    Need A Good Plumber!

    Anyone have recs for a good quality and really reliable plumber, need someone to finish a job for us who knows what they're doing, especially in regards to putting up the tile. In Recoleta area. Thanks!
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    Seeking Real Estate Agent Recs

    Landlords, do you have any recs for an awesome Real Estate Agent for renting out a furnished long term rental? So far our experiences have been underwhelming and time is ticking!
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    Garage Sale!

    For all details and photos read our google doc: We’re moving abroad in a couple months so we’re clearing out our home! Please message us with any questions. Pick up in Recoleta. ARS cash, USD cash (at daily...
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    Feria/household Sale Tomorrow! (Recoleta)

    We're having a big Feria tomorrow Saturday April 23 from 12-5pm in Recoleta (Near Las Heras Subte Station) Message for address and with any questions! Many items pictured in the listed albums, more non photographed items being added today! Check the end of each album for newly added items...
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    Philadelphia Cream Cheese

    Anyone see any really recently? All the places near me have been out for a long time now.
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    Nordelta Weekend Rental

    Any tips on finding a house to rent in Nordelta for a night or two? Seems like it's all scattered about with individual agents and really difficult to find available properties?
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    Has anyone ever found pickled or fresh peperoncino in Buenos Aires?
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    Spring Cleaning Closet Sale!

    Cleaning out my closet, clothes are from various designers, sizes vary but all fit someone 5'4" between 110-115 lbs 50-53 kilos approximately. Prices negotiable. Pickup in Recoleta.
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    Static Dusting Cloths

    Anyone found dusting cloths like Pledge Grab-it or the like here? Been searching but haven't seen anything like them.
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    Looking For Good Rug Cleaner In/near Recoleta

    Anyone ever had a rug cleaned? Looking for a good place in Recoleta so we can just walk the rug over and back.
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    Cleaning Metal Filters From Stove Hood??

    We have a stove hood with removable and presumably cleanable metal filters, anyone know what product will work to clean them? Based on the look of them no one has attempted this prior to me so years of buildup. Alternatively is there a place to buy new ones at a reasonable price? I tried...
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    I know people have asked in the past, but haven't seen any real answers. Has anyone ever bought cheesecloth in Buenos Aires? If so where, and what is it called here?
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    Container Garden Pests Aphids/mites Help!

    I just noticed that one of my containers has either aphids or mites, there's small and clear and I can't tell for sure which they are. Anyone had any success getting rid of them? So far I only see them on that plant, I checked the others and don't notice any signs of movement or the bugs. I'd...
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    Any sightings of orange pumpkins recently? It's carving time in our house! :)
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    Citronella Plants To Deter Mosquitoes?

    Has anyone ever tried this method? I'm wondering if planting a few plants in front of the non-screened balcony doors will have any impact on mosquitoes...or will they not be bothered and just fly past them?
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    Facial Moisturizer

    I have sensitive skin and am looking for a moisturizer with SPF 30+ that won't irritate it, any suggestions? I usually try to bring it back from the US but unfortunately my bf mistakenly bought tinted moisturizer on his recent trip! In other news if anyone uses: Origins A Perfect World...
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    Shower Head Replacement, Where To Buy

    Is there a big plumbing store that has a big variety, or a section of town that has lot of different shops with options? Need to replace a basic shower head with a basic shower head but looking for solid metal, not the plastic that we found at easy that cracked in half upon installation!
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    Canned Jalapenos

    I haven't found any in the supermarkets or specialty shops lately. Has anyone seen any in a shop in the past week? Gracias!!!!
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    Invitation Letter For Tourist Visa To Argentina

    I need to get create a letter of invitation for a friend to get a tourist visa to Argentina. Anyone done this before and know exactly what info/wording they're looking for in the letter so we avoid having to potentially redo it?
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    Basic Eye Exam

    Are there any places to get walk-in eye exams, all I need is to read the chart and have the doc mark 20/20 on a simple form in English with my basic info and his basic info. I'm hoping I don't need an appointment to do this, and don't have to have any other things done as it's not necessary...