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    The Uncertain Future Of Mate?

    I buy it here in Arizona all the time but the price has skyrocketed in the last 2 years. Rosamonte used to be available for $5.00 a kilo. Now it is $15.00. I assume this is due to importing it at the official exchange rate. When I visit Argentina in November, I will bring back a suitcase full of...
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    Where Is Best Place To Get Pesos When You Arrive?

    No need to change any money at the airport. When I came down earlier this year, I did not change any money until I was downtown....had the cab driver take me to a place downtown where I changed it at the blue rate and then paid him in pesos. I think he stopped on 9 de Julio and Lavalle and...
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    Changing Pesos To Dollars

    Well, they decided against Western Union, it would have been too costly as noted above. They're talking with a friend who works in a bank to get more options.
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    Changing Pesos To Dollars

    she is looking in to sending me cash via western to 8,000 pesos per person. So if necessary, she can have her parents and brother send some as well to cover tuition.
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    Changing Pesos To Dollars

    Hi, I have a friend in Argentina who is going to come to the U.S. on a student visa. She needs to pay her tuition now for fall sememster in dollars. What is the best way to arrange for payment, and at what rate will she be able to make the exchange? She is thinking of wiring money to my account...
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    Reselling Ipads In Argentina

    A couple of years ago I brought down a Kindle and sold it for about a $50 profit.
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    Blue Dollar Question

    Thanks to everyone for the info....Looking forward to our trip.
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    Blue Dollar Question

    I'm planning a trip to BA in March with my wife and have a couple of questions regarding money exchange. I assume you cannot get the blue rate at the airport and I will likely be arriving without any pesos. What are my options? Do I just have to exchange a small amount at the official rate...
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    Price of Yerba Mate

    Has the price for Yerba gone up in Argentina? I live in the US and buy it regularly up here. For years I have paid around $5-$7 for a kilo of Rosamonte, Seleccion Especial. Over the last several months, it has been difficult to find this particular brand, which is my favorite. Yesterday, I found...
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    Advice on selling electronics in BA

    Last time I came down, I used the mule pool to try and help offset some of my costs...namely the reciprocity fee. I bid on about 12-15 items but in most cases, never got a reply. I think maybe 3 replies total and ended up only agreeing on muling one was a Kindle and I made a little...
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    Does Dr. Pepper exist in Argentina?

    you can go to and see if someone is willing to bring some down from the U.S.
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    Can you still afford to live here?

    We go to Texas Roadhouse, which is a chain restuarant here un the USA and still has an 8 or 10 oz Top Sirloin Steak( dont recall which size off hand) with 2 sides for under $10.00. Also, we never pay more than $1.99lb for boneless chicken breasts, They are on sale for this price or less...
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    How an Economy Collapses

    Good article on comparing the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001 and the current conditions in the U.S.
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    Update:...well, we are back from our short trip......I made the salsa for mis amigos argentinos.....they did not like it.....they were not at all used to the picante flavor of the salsa....a couple of norteamericano friends were also there and they devoured it.... I brought down my own tortilla...
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    Anyone being affected by the volcanic ash and flight cancelations?

    My wife and I were supposed to fly down to Buenos Aires this Friday from Houston on Continental. I am an airline employee so we travel stand-by....Now that is looking like a slim chance. I spoke with CO this morning ans was told Friday's flight is full but Saturday's is we may still...
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    Thanks for the info....I might bring my own chips down...As far as a recipe, I kind of wing it.....fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, cilantro, lime juice, garlic, oregano, basil.. some sugar, salt, pepper and garlic salt...and that's about it....heavy on the spices for better flavor.
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    Hi, I will be in Argentina in a week or two visiting friends...I want to make some homemade salsa for them and was wondering if you can find jalapeno peppers, cilantro and limes at the stores...also tortilla chips...if not, would i have any problem at customs bringing any of this down?
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    short visit in June

    Hi, this is my first post here. I lived in BA for 2 years back in the late 70's. Fell in love with the place and have returned 3 or 4 times for short visits. I'm coming again with my wife in June. This will be our first time since the Reciprocity fee went into effect, so we are going to be stuck...