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    Plastic Surgery - UPDATE ?

    I've searched the Forum and none of the postings are of recent dates... so I'm seeking an update. I recently had a consultation with Dr. Alexandre Silvestre. He seems quite knowledgeable & experienced. He has solid credentials, board-certified, etc. His prices are quite reasonable. I am...
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    House sitting services?

    I travel off / on for business and need to find a house / cats / plant sitter. I live in Palermo Chico (Libertador & Colonel Diaz). Any recommendations or referrals? I am usually gone only weekdays - but also have a two week vacation coming up. Easy work - just need company for my gatitas...
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    Brazil travel

    Anyone know if can travel to Brazil on my DNI, even though I am US citizen with USA passport (and temporary residence VISA)? I am trying to avoid making the trip to the Brazil embassy.... Anyone? Thanks in advance. Dee
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    Anyone using a KINDLE here?

    Before I officially add a KINDLE to my Xmas list - curious to know if anyone here has one and what kind of problems there may be? Would I run into the 'not available in your geographical area' if I try to download my fav books and newspapers ? I'm not tied to the KINDLE - so if there are other...
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    List of Buenos Aires Festivals

    I got this from a real estate agent & thought I would share. Seems pretty useful. Maybe some fun things to consider. Enjoy! ;)
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    Hola - An introduction

    I am now living here on 'assignment' by a US software company. I actually worked here much of last year - but now am official and have an apartment (versus the death by hotel stays). Will be here for at least another 12 months - and hoping for more. I have met some wonderful friends via...