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    Hola: I´m back here after a long absence :D! I´m getting frustrated cause I´ve being working in an english environment for 4 years but I still can´t become fluent and I get stuck everytime I get nervous when I´m at an important meeting. I´m sure having english speakers friends will help me...
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    Amazing speech by war veteran

    I want to share this video with you:!v=9kWU-JHetMM&feature=related Salu2
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    Looking for roommates (I´m argentine)

    Hello: My name is Alexis, 25, male, argentine and am looking for roommates. I get tired of living with my parents but I can´t afford renting an nice apartment on my own. I was wondering if any of you would be interested in sharing an apartment with me. Notice that the price will be much more...
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    Ticket for football match ARGENTINA VS. PERU

    Hello: I have bought 4 tickets to see the match this saturday thanks to a VISA Promo. Platea-Vip position, it´s a reserved seat in the River Plate stadium. Price: US$70 (they are selling them at US$100). You would have to pick them up from my work place (belgrano) Please contact me for...