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    Foreign Income Tax Help

    Thanks- OK, so he resides in Argentina but gets paid into a UK account. Still has to pay taxes to Argentina?
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    Foreign Income Tax Help

    Hi all, Can anyone advise on the following? UK citizen working for a US company with no association with Argentina or the UK, up until now paying tax to the UK as self employed contractor- now will have to declare as non UK resident as married an Argentine. Where does he pay tax? Still want...
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    Where Can I Sell Used Books?

    Put an ad in classifieds with a list of the titles. I am always looking for books.
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    Health Care For Pregnant Wife

    A friend of mine had hers all public, said the service she received was excellent- let me know if you want more info.
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    Paying Off Uk Student Loan

    I have a student loan- they have never taken money out of my account if I earn less than 15K a if you aren't earning or are earning less than 15k then they shouldn't take money out. Have you been asked to prove your status whilst between employment? Will you be declaring as self...
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    Eze Ain't Easy, Some Advice

    Tienda Leon- always had a good experience with them, whether by the shuttle coach or private Remis.
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    Harvard Student Studing In Ba Looking For Work

    Craigslist is the best place- he will find hundreds of teaching adverts, once he has one job it will go from there. The pay is crap but if he doesn't mind then that is where he should start.
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    Personal Trainer

    Hi all, any recommendations for a personal trainer....I need someone to push me as I hate the gym and have 3 weddings in the next 6 months. Thanks in advance!!
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    Certificado De Convivencia Without Dni?

    my NZ friend did it with her Argy bf last year- they had no problems. She had no DNI and was just on a tourist visa.
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    The Pill

    Actually, I just stopped taking it two months ago after 10 years on it (18-28) as I started to get bad headaches and I was sure it made me depressed, the only reason I stayed on it was because it helped my skin and I was worried if I stopped taking it then my skin would revert to a 15 year...
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    The Pill

    I get Yasmin from Farmacity- just ask at the counter and they give it to you.
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    Moving To B.a. In January. Is Part-Time Work Easy For Expat?

    Working in Bars and English teaching jobs are a plenty (no visa required)- but you will not get paid much but it is doable if you can arrange a long term stay in a hostel (many offer cheaper rates for long term rentals) Don't compare the wages to the UK or US and accept BA for what it is and...
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    A Tango Show Which Is Not A Rip-Off?

    Jamila, thanks for that info-what is Juvanil? Do you mean with an adolescent it is 2 for 1?
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    Looking For A 3 Day Rental In Tigre

    Hi, If anyone has a quinta available for Decembre 5-8th that can sleep 10, with a pool, please let me know. Thanks.
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    Spanish Classes?

    I have classes with one of the teachers from Academia BA, she knows her stuff, grammar and all. Would highly recommend. I went for 20 hour classes there- they are too expensive so asked my teacher if she would do private classes and she does for the normal price 100-120 pesos per hour in my home.
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    Marrying Argentinian And Moving To Ba - Need Advice

    Just a heads up- a friend of my was living here for 8 years on a tourist visa- going back to the states every 3-4 months, taking out 9k from Citibank- he returned to the US a few months ago and citi bank have closed his account-the reason is they said even though he was not taking out 10k to...
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    Room In Recoleta/palermo- Great For Students Of Travellers

    Hi, We have a bright clean room to rent from October 23rd 2014 until December 15th 2014 $175 per day $900 per week $3200 per month $6000 for 8 weeks (pesos) Ideal for students or travellers. The room includes all expenses (apart from food) Single bed Desk Chair Bed Linen Towels Wifi Washing...
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    Iguazu Falls - Bus Tickets From Brazil Side To

    Thank you- any idea how long the drive from Argentina side to Foz de Iguazu is? It is for my parents who are coming to visit- they don't speak Spanish or Portuguese so if it is a lot of hassle I may just put them on a plane from Argentina side straight to Rio but its double the price.
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    Iguazu Falls - Bus Tickets From Brazil Side To

    Hi, If you take a cab from the Arg side to Foz ( I want to fly from Foz to Rio after vising the falls on the Arg side) what happens with immigration? Does the taxi driver take you to get an exit stamp from Arg into Brazil? I am from the UK. Thanks.