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    What can I do with my cat for a month (or maybe even six months)?

    I have two cats with me here in Buenos Aires. I have to return to Canada for at least a month to deal with a family emergency, but I anticipate being gone for as long as six months. The airline will only allow me to fly back with one cat. I am hoping to leave the other cat here in Buenos Aires...
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    How much to send a letter with FedEx/DHL from BA to Canada or US?

    Has anyone sent a letter recently to Canada (or the US) with DHL or FedEx? The quote on the DHL website was $70 USD, whereas the quote from FedEx was 14,000 pesos. Just wondering about other people's experiences. Thanks!
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    How To Move From One Barrio To The Next??

    Hola... I have been living in the same apartment for the last two years and seem to have amassed quite a bit of stuff. I am moving from San Telmo to Congreso. It is not far. I have approximately four or five large suitcases, a guitar, a cat and some heavy artwork (mosaics). I live on the...
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    How Make A Bank Deposit

    Hola! I have enrolled for a mosaic course and have been asked to deposit a small sum into an HSBC bank account in order to secure my spot in the class. How do I do this? I don't have an Argie bank account. Do I have to go directly to an HSBC? Or can I go to a Rapipago or something...
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    Best Argentinian Guitars?

    I am intersted in buying a guitar... however, I know nothing about Argentinian guitars, their quality, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions? Best brands? Best music stores? Price range? I am looking for a guitarra criolla (i.e., classical guitar). Gracias!
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    Need Orthopedist Asap

    Hola! I am looking for an orthopedist and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations. My friend is suffering from an extensor tendon rupture... Basically a problem with the bone and tendon of one of his fingers. Hoping for an English speaking Doctor, if possible. My Spanish is pretty...
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    Looking For Therapist Recommendation

    Hola, I am looking for a recommendation for a therapist for my friend. She would prefer to see someone in San Telmo, if possible. Also, does anyone know what the average rates are? Gracias!
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    How To Find Where Specific Orchestra Is Playing

    I am looking for a listing of live music. More specifically, I would like to go and see Orquestra Tipica Criolla. However, I don't know where to find where this particular orchestra might be playing and when. It is a tango orchestra, not classical or anything like that. Does anyone know...
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    Tango Teachers (Going Rate???)

    What is the going rate per hour for a private tango teacher? I realize that there are many, many tango teachers out there. I also realize that there are many who specifically target the tourist trade. So far, I have been quoted 50 USD, 75 USD or more per hour. That is too much for me. I am...
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    Dolar Blue Predictions

    I will be returning once again to Argentina, this time on December 15th. I am wondering what the general consensus is on the blue dolar? My choices are (1) to wire money now and take advantage of it at 14.5 or (2) wait until December. I see that it hit at high...
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    Anyone Else Having Problems With Foreign Atm Cards?

    Just received a message from a friend, asking me if I was having problems using the ATMs here. I never use them, so couldn't answer. She said that other foreigners were having difficulties also. Is this true? Is anyone else having problems withdrawing money from ATMs using a foreign bank...
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    Need Mri/cat Scan, Immediately

    My friend from Canada and is having unexplained health issues. The symptoms appear to be neurological (dizziness, slurred speech, etc). She would like to have an MRI and CAT scan done, immediately. She is willing to pay cash. We are both completely ignorant of the Argentinian health care...
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    Help: Missed Flight, Unattended Bags At Eze!

    My friend missed her connection between Santiago and EZE. And her bags went ahead to BA without her... Has this happened to anyone else? Is she justifiably paranoid in thinking the bags will be stolen? They will be unattended for at least 3.5 hours. Or will the airline (Air Canada( put them...
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    Suggestions For Where To Watch The Game Tomorrow?

    One could watch the game anywhere, really, as it will be on all TVs in every shop, restaurant, bar, etc. But any place in particular? I thought of going to La Biela because it is close to my apartment, but I'm open to other suggestions.
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    Why Doesn't Wifi (Personal) Work With My Iphone?

    I bought a SIM card from Personal for an unlocked iPhone from Canada. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to get the WIFI to work. Customer service at Personal told me that I had to remove the battery in order to activate the WIFI. This seems quite extreme because it requires special...
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    Best Place To Buy A Cheap, Full-Length Mirror?

    Yes, so… where is the best place to buy a cheap, full-length mirror? Maybe around 200 pesos? Centro/Recoleta would be best! Thank you =)
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    Dating For Women In The Their 40S?

    The other thread is about men in the 40s looking for women in Argentina. The poster says that he is looking for a place to live and a place where he can find a (female) partner. What about the reverse? What are the prospects for women in their 40s looking for men?
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    Gift Delivery In Argentina (Ordered From Abroad)?

    I just returned to Canada after yet another three months in Buenos Aires and I would like to send a thank you gift to my lovely, lovely hosts. Obviously, I should have bought them something prior to leaving but, well, I didn't think of it! Would it be possible to order something online from...
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    Maximum Atm Withdrawal (In Pesos)

    I've just about run out of USD and I'm Canadian so have no access to Xoom. I haven't used the ATMs here at all, for obvious reasons, but I might have to... Does anyone know what the daily withdrawal limit right now, per transaction? I'm trying to decide if I should go to Colonia or not. Gracias!
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    Colonia For Usd On A Sunday???

    I've read through a few of the posts on Colonia and I'm wondering if it is worth going there on a Sunday. I plan to grab some USD while there, but I'm wondering if there will even be any! From what I understand there is a bit of a run on the banks and so by Sunday the ATMs would be empty?