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    Bolivia info/book

    Hi All- I'm going to Bolivia in a few weeks and was just wanted to post this on the off chance that someone has a bolivia travel guide that i could buy or borrow from them. Also if anyone knows a place that has a decent selection of travel books. I've come across the lonely planet bolivia one a...
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    Iguazu/ brazil visa issues

    Hey Everyone- My brother and sister-in-law are coming to visit me in a few weeks and we're going to make the trip up to the falls for a few days. I know that Americans need visas to enter Brazil in general but was interested in personal experience in the falls area. I know plenty of...
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    New to BA

    Hey everyone- I'm 23 from WI, just graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in French...yeah i know. Anyway i'm here doing volunteer/medical work stuff as well as working on my spanish. I've only been here about a week but would love to meet up with people if they're interested...