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  1. wongjoh

    Relocating, Moving Sale => All Has To Go ;-)

    Appreciate the love, and never say never!
  2. wongjoh

    Relocating, Moving Sale => All Has To Go ;-)

    Dear BAExpats, time to say Chao! We're relocating and all our stuff has to go (also posted on classifieds): Cheers!
  3. wongjoh

    Product Dev Lead Roles At Mercadolibre

    Ha, maybe I can do a better job convincing you!
  4. wongjoh

    Product Dev Lead Roles At Mercadolibre

    Yes, please feel free to spread this to your friends/associates. BTW, this is not limited to local candidates, but also open to relocate folks from other parts of the world (and also welcome them to the BAExpats forum)
  5. wongjoh

    Product Dev Lead Roles At Mercadolibre

    I know this is a little throwing a dart in the dark, but I also know the BAExpat community is wide and deep ... I'm looking to fill a few project lead and manager roles for my teams at MercadoLibre. These are senior product development roles, which combine product management and software...
  6. wongjoh

    Coffee Chat Zona Norte Saturday April 2 3-6Pm (Olivos)

    Hope to swing by, thanks!
  7. wongjoh

    An Indian, Soon To Be An Expat In Ba

    2 => to be above board, you are liable to pay tax on all your Argentina-derived income, whether received here or elsewhere; I don't see how you would get relief from Indian tax if this is from Argentine sources, perhaps you are thinking the other way, that Argentina taxes can reduce your Indian...
  8. wongjoh

    On Line Bill Pay Service? Pago Mis Facturas?
  9. wongjoh

    Coffee Chat Zona Norte Tuesday Feb 9, 4-7Pm (Zona Norte)

    My neck of the woods! Will drop by
  10. wongjoh

    Us Bank To Local Arg Bank Transfers

    Yes, you can. It's official but there are a number of rules (at least with Santander Rio) Go to the above link for process and requirements
  11. wongjoh

    Buying Dollars

    Just for the record, the above is not entirely correct. You CAN have Argie bank accounts in USDs and they are a standard feature with employment-related bank accounts (I believe its a requirement for employers to pay for a bank account for their employees where salaries are deposited). Mine is...
  12. wongjoh

    Where And When Do Expats Meet In Person In Ba?

    Wow, she did awesome -- funny!
  13. wongjoh

    Where And When Do Expats Meet In Person In Ba?

    Ha. We still do that, just not limited to same time, same space, or same medium. And we actually do this more -- I now also laugh/share/cry with friends/family/strangers on WhatsApp/Skype/Quora/BAexpats. Perhaps it makes our in-person interactions more intimate and important (e.g., someone...
  14. wongjoh

    Transferring Funds, Argentina To Us And Vice Versa

    I work for MercadoLibre. Now, I understand your problem more generally as "I live in country X and want to do remote business in country Y, how do I get my money over from Y to X?" It's not as easy as you may already guess, but here are some tips, specific to Argentina and MercadoLibre: * Have...
  15. wongjoh

    Thank You Mercado Libre

    There are actually at least 3 Amex's here: (1) international (e.g., US) Amex, what you described; (2) Argentinian Amex; and (3) Argentinian-bank Amex (e.g., through a local bank like Santander Rio). They all are handled differently (ever notice in Carrefour how they say that there is 15% off for...
  16. wongjoh

    Thank You Mercado Libre

    Thanks to the OP for posting his experience. I work for MELI so I'll also provide a few comments/clarifications, with hopefully a balancing perspective: MercadoLibre made good on the buyer purchase protection => even after the seller "gave him the finger" (according to the buyer), MercadoLibre...
  17. wongjoh

    Mercadolibre - Cheaper Postage And Other Tips

    Believe me, MercadoLibre has actually been trying for YEARS to go into the model where buyers don't have to ask for things such as "is this item still in stock?" (of course it is available, otherwise we would not be displaying it). However, in all our tests, removing the ability to ask these...
  18. wongjoh

    Mercadolibre - Cheaper Postage And Other Tips

    MercadoLibre employee here ;-) Here's the recommendation if you are buying 2 items from the seller: - ask the seller a question about the willingness to bundle the 2 items (generally they are OK, but best to check) - buy the first item and pay its shipping fee - for the second item, buy it but...
  19. wongjoh

    Looking For Math/spanish/english Children Tutoring

    Tiger dad here. I'm looking for tutor(s) for my 2 children in Math, Spanish, and/or English and wondering if there are any expats here doing this, or if you have any good recommendations. We live in La Lucila and this would be weekdays after 5pm (when they are home from school). They are 9 and...
  20. wongjoh


    The better-known Malbecs are Angelica Zapata (you can get it at a Carrefour I think) and Bramare But for more moderately priced and a more Argentine experience (I'm told by locals), and still really good wines, you can get Chakanas: Search for 'Ayni' --...