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    First Time in Europe

    Also wanted to know if the information on personal goods posted here is still up-to-date:,or%20still%20wine)%20%2D%209%20litres It says I can bring up to 4 liters of spirits...
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    First Time in Europe

    Thank you to everyone who answered my other post about cheap flights. I have decided to spend 80 days backpacking in Europe, starting in London. I'm leaving in 2 weeks. I have been looking at Youtubers like SimonWilson and TheHack for tips on how to save money while traveling. I'd love to hear...
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    Cheap Flights From Argentina to Europe?!

    Thank you everyone for your help. I went for a US$1004 round trip and added 120 for 1 checked-in bag with KLM. It has a layover in Amsterdam, but yay, leaving in 2 weeks!
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    Cheap Flights From Argentina to Europe?!

    Thanks to this Albertito "president" and the rest of the political garbage, you literally pay double in airfare because of taxes. Long-gone are the flights to Europe for US$600. I really want to go, because I've never been, but I don't want to spend $1000+ on a 40-hour flight. Any tips on...
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    Looking for Decent Nightlife Drinking Buddies and More!

    Unfortunately. I have to say that the British did a lot for Argentina. Just look at all the railways! Constitucion was actually built by the Prince of Wales at the start of the 20th century. I'm sure Kelper's are happy just the way they are.
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    Argentina Historical Inflation Calculator (super handy)

    Dollar inflation is 0 in Argentina. In fact, sometimes, imported things end up cheaper in dollars than “freer” countries. Go figure!
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    Luis Moreno Ocampo: Lesson from the Trial of the Juntas

    Don’t believe the propaganda. Narcos control how much you can help addicts. CFK controls the justice department and senate. They want you to believe they are all innocent, but no one talks about the terrorist Montoneros! Read!
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    Do you consider this dishonest?

    Argentina. Don’t worry too much. You owe nothing.
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    Looking for Decent Nightlife Drinking Buddies and More!

    I’m negative sometimes and I’m over 30
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    Where can i find a psychiatrist to prescribe me pills which i took in my country?

    You’d also be surprised at how many people ask the same question! 😛
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    Anybody else notice coffee recently not tasting good?

    Look for Nescafé classic or pure Dia brand coffee crystals. They’re 100% Brazilian coffee and quite inexpensive.
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    I need a virtual US phone number to receive sms messages here in Argentina

    Download the TextNow app. It’s totally free and 5 bucks gets you text verification for a year. It only does not work with IRS and the bank, but you can just do call verifications instead.
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    Moneygram transfer

    Thanks for the info. Will definitely keep Moneygram in mind when I need it. The Western Union fees totally stink and Remitly takes over a week. Luckily I get by with work here for now, so I don’t have to mess with my U.S. funds! ;)
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    Where to exchange crypto to peso or dollar in BA?

    By the way, the Alto Palermo mall has an Athena machine that claims to convert Bitcoin. It’s right next to the bathrooms on the ground level.
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    Looking for a room in September/October

    Last year, I was living for about 9 months in crappy rooms in old buildings. Definitely not prime locations! We’re talking Balvanera and San Nicolás neighborhoods. The noise levels will make it hard to sleep, but it gets the job done. Electricity, water, internet, furniture/bed, all included...
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    Looking for Decent Nightlife Drinking Buddies and More!

    I’m of Argentine descent, but a U.S. citizen by birth. I’ve been moving between countries since I was like 2. The thing is, I’m kinda awkward, and have like 0 friends. Even my cousins here dislike me (I may or may not be exaggerating). It’s just that I feel I don’t fit in, and yet, I love the...