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  1. LydiaBA

    How do you call a cheese cloth in Spanish?

    you dial the number
  2. LydiaBA

    Coffee Chat Tuesday Sept.17th @Starbucks

    What about IBS. Let's discuss that
  3. LydiaBA

    Ny times Don Julio review

    thx for your recos!
  4. LydiaBA

    Ny times Don Julio review

    is it expensive. what are your fav parillas?
  5. LydiaBA

    Bar Seddon in San telmo

    the rats?
  6. LydiaBA

    Bar Seddon in San telmo

    Closed due to infestation of rats. or that is what they are saying. It is one of my favourite places in San Telmo.
  7. LydiaBA

    Vamos a Uruguay

    URU es una copia de ARG. jaja.
  8. LydiaBA

    Vamos a Uruguay

    Peru is delighful! Lima seems way safer than BsAs.
  9. LydiaBA


    Fernet is used to make craft cocktails in larger cities in the US. My cousin in atlanta is in the restaurant industry and she and her colleagues drink fernet quite frequently. It is also good to drink it after a large meal to aid in digestion. I think it is a good potion!
  10. LydiaBA

    Shipping my personal laptop to Buenos Aires

  11. LydiaBA

    Argentine T.V. in U.S.

    my sister has the Paquete Espanol on ATT Uverse and she watches Argie Soccer on Bien Sports. Also, Fox Lif and Teleffe.
  12. LydiaBA

    Will I get charged a tax if I bring a PlayStation 4 through EZE?

    Don't bring in the box, etc.
  13. LydiaBA

    Moving To Ba At The End Of December

    Ellis, I think you'll really like BA, especially coming from NY. BA crime is sort of what Ny's was in the late70's - the 1980's. It is a great place to live and you'll be fine here! Welcome!