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  1. MorganF

    Any rumors on when you can fire people again in Arg?

    I'm asking for a friend... ;) Due to the pandemic, there is--apparently--a law that you're not allowed to fire anyone anymore in Arg, at least for all practical purposes. (Is my understanding correct?) To the lawyers and friends here: any news or gossip on if/when they may wind this back and...
  2. MorganF

    AFIP pone el foco en multinacionales estadounidenses que operan en la Argentina Se pone en marcha esta semana un acuerdo firmado con el organismo recaudador de EEUU, el Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Argentina recibirá información automática sobre los precios de...
  3. MorganF

    Law on wearing masks outside?

    Hey all, I haven't posted in a while and I know y'all have missed my literary ramblings :) I haven't posted "Because Life" to use a 2020 grammatical construction. I have a quick question for y'all, and my apologies if the answer is in a thread somewhere that I've missed (feel free to point me...
  4. MorganF

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    Hi everyone! We're a young couple with three children, ages 6, 4, and a 3 months. We're half Argentine and half American. We're a nerdy family, the sort that spends far too much time sitting around doing puzzles and playing board games together. We're looking for a nanny that is a native...
  5. MorganF

    Know a specialist in home networking (NAS, etc) tech?

    Hey all :) I want to install a little network on a wifi connection -- network backup storage, and a few other bells and whistles -- and I'm wondering if anyone knows an expert in these issues who does this professionally on a freelance basis, in BA. This is a bit more complex than just simple...
  6. MorganF

    Does anyone here have experience getting a tourist Visa to Bolivia?

    ....Or know of any professionals who specialize in that process? (In short: little online documentation, weird requirements like an affidavit of financial solvency, no instructions on how to pay for it etc... argh!) Thank you!!! morgan
  7. MorganF

    Seeking Awesome American Long-Term Nanny

    So! Our beloved Nanny of many years needs to return to the USA for family reasons. We are seeking a replacement - and you have a high bar to live up to! We’re a loving, traditional-ish, American-Argie young family, the cheesy sort who sit around and put on plays (just for ourselves) of our...
  8. MorganF

    Seeking Tutor For Making Videos

    Hey everyone! I think it would be fun (and very modern!) to be able to make fun videos. But I have no idea how to go about it, and I'm too busy to delve in to lots of Internet research to figure out the methods, tools, and best practices. My goal is purely for fun - like making little meme...
  9. MorganF

    I Have An Idea For A Bar, That I Think Will Be Big...

    ...a beer bar. There just aren't enough. Breaking news: the closest beer bar to my house was two blocks away; but one just opened today - just now - on my corner, so now, the closest one is a half-block away. And I don't even live in Palermo, but a super-uncool neighborhood right near the...
  10. MorganF

    Is This The Worst Traffic Week In Ba In Many Years...

    ...or is it in my imagination?
  11. MorganF

    Air Crew Detained B/c Didn't Upgrade Politician's Daughter

    Posted without comment. None necessary: "Insane: Air France Crew Detained In Argentina For Not Upgrading Politician’s Daughter" "If there’s even an ounce of truth to this story, then this is just terrible...
  12. MorganF

    I've Discovered My True Vocation: Millionaire Philanthropist

    So, our Scientologist friend MusicMan recently wrote on another thread in which he was trying to convince people to pay him A$88k for an Ayahuasca experience: "I've discovered my true vocation as a millionaire philanthropist." I want to do a deep-dive into that phrase and what it means, to...
  13. MorganF

    Subte Crowding Levels During Peak Hours

    A question only for those of you who were also in BA ten or more years ago -- Is it me or is the subte slightly LESS crowded now, during peak hours, than it was 10-15 years ago? My main rush hour experience is on the D line so, in particular, that is what I'm referencing - but maybe it's a more...
  14. MorganF

    Searching For The Perfect Garbage Bag In Ba

    After years in Buenos Aires, I've become disillusioned with every garbage bag I've found. I've been wanting to find just the perfect one for me, and the market here is so competitive, and it's so hard to find just the right one. In fact, as a traditional guy, I've gone out of my way to try to...
  15. MorganF

    Quick Question: Normal Postpaid Movistar Plans

    Hey y'all Question on behalf of a friend moving to Arg. (This time, actually, someone else - hehe.) To get a standard plan from Movistar (where you get a monthly invoice that you then pay afterwards) -- in other words, NOT pre-paid -- do you need a DNI? Same question, for Claro, too! Thanks...
  16. MorganF

    Theoretical, Hypothetical Sauna Question

    So, I have a very hypothetical question. This question has no connection to reality. Lets say, hypothetically, you live in Buenos Aires. And you happen to be in Vegas for a few days having a ton of meetings. And you happen to go -- for the first time in your life -- to a sauna. And --...
  17. MorganF

    Is Whatsapp Down In All Of Arg Or Is It Just Me?

    Subject says it all ;) If so: country on verge of chaos ;)
  18. MorganF

    Invasion Of The Mosquitos

    Hey y'all :) So there seems to be a swarm of mosquitos that has taken over the city - or at least my home :( Is it worse than any year in memory, by far (as I suspect) -- or is my memory getting bad and it's typical? Question: anyone have any creative ideas in how to eliminate them???? The...
  19. MorganF

    Prices Online Vs Irl

    Random and unimportant question, everyone! I went to buy a new garbage pail. I found one in ML, for 1400 pesos, and they said it can be picked up at a sucursal a few blocks from my house. So I decided to walk over and see it in person, before buying. I did and in the store, it was listed as...
  20. MorganF

    Us Notary & Apostille In Ba - Other Than The Embassy?

    Hey y'all :) Quick question, basically just the subject of the thread: Anyone know a US Notary & Apostille in BA, other than in the US embassy? :) Thanks! morgan