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  1. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    Tango me....

    Milongas=plural (places where you can dance Tango) // Milonga= singular (the place where you can dance Tango) // Spanish typical phrase: "Me voy a la Milonga!" ;O)
  2. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    Tango me....

    Milonguero=Male // Milonguera=Female // Milongas=the place where you can dance Tango // Milongueros=people who enjoy dancing Tango
  3. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    Tango me....

    Milonguero is the person who usually goes to the Milongas (the places where you can dance Tango)
  4. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    Vanishing Starbucks

    I like going to Santa Fe & Scalabrini Ortiz: Café del Botánico with Bakery inside and in Juramento 2857 "La Capital" with Bakery inside as well. My favourite coffee trademark is "5 Hispanos".
  5. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    New Year Eve Party (Gala) in Buenos Aires?
  6. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    Coffee chat Tues. Dec 31 @Starbucks

    If it will not rain cats & dogs I will be there!
  7. LaPatriaEsElOtro

    New Year's Eve, rock climbing, etc in BA