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    Pediatricians in Pilar?

    I have just moved to Escobae/Pilar and Austral is in our medical plan - we are looking for a decent doctor t look after GlasgowJohnJr , so feel free to contact me !
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    Pediatricians in Pilar?

    hospital austral?
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    Where to Buy Cheap(er) Clothes?

    Avellenada and Nazca more or less....
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    Cost of domestic flights for non residents

    Norwegian Argentina expect to start flying in June. The London Gatwick service is operated by Norwegian UK
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    Visa Trip Insurance

    Awaiting someone's reply with interest.....
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    Welsh town in Argentina

    Close to Chubut I think. There are a number of Welsh Methodist churches in the area. As well as some very nice Welsh tea rooms The province also has the only printed publication published in Welsh outside of Wales. The middle classes there still learn Welsh to show they have "arrived" in...
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    Why is coffee so 5hite and expensive here?

    the coffee bags are not like tea bags . They are made for a Philips coffee maker called the Senseo . Its actually OK - the sytem works well but I dont think it exists in the USA
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    Castro`s Son Dead at 68 Suicide

    Rumors in Florida he was murdered by state security......
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    The Four Main Reasons Why It’s So Expensive To Fly In Argentina

    Yes but it seems the Aviation Unions do not pay attention to the SC....
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    Looking for suggestions regarding presents to take to the UK.

    The best gift you can give them is your smile and your presence in their home..... Then invite them here . How many will come on a realistic basis?
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    The Four Main Reasons Why It’s So Expensive To Fly In Argentina

    Argentine pilots are the best paid in Latin America... But you can only work here if you are Argentine - Dont mess with the pilots union if you want to run your schedules every day.
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    Dollar Up

    Ok , when will it reach 20? Friday morning is my bet!
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    Using Chica, Querida And Amiga

    If i dont say "amor de mis amores" , I have to cook the dinner for a week...
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    Question About Zona Oeste

    Post a picture and we can vote on the best strategy....
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    Has Anybody Seen Cristina ? She's Been Conspicuously Absent.

    Maybe on a slow boat to the Peoples Republic of China? Or seeking political asylum in Venezuela
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    Where Do You Buy Your Clothes From?

    You cant buy here because of price and because of very poor quality. We buy once a year in USA and once a year in Europe and two or three times in Chile
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    An Exclusive Shamanic Ayahuasca Experience For Ba Expats

    I thought thats where the Argentine soccer team trained....
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    Ba Times

    The printed version is available on Saturday and Sunday as a supplement included with Perfil. Otherwise online at
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    An Exclusive Shamanic Ayahuasca Experience For Ba Expats

    I would like to confirm that i did not buy the last ticket ... I was interested but Mrs Glasgowjohn , a nice lass born in Caballito , told me that there were no more nights out with the boys until Christmas.
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    An Exclusive Shamanic Ayahuasca Experience For Ba Expats

    My friend from NIGERIA wants to speak with you....