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    Where To Buy Cheap Luggage In Caba

    Looking to buy some cheap luggage in CABA that is nothing fancy but won't fall apart obviously, any ideas let me low please!
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    Coffee Chat December 17Th 4-7Pm Adorado Cafe Palermo

    Coffee chat Wednesday will be at Adorado Cafe Palermo Hollywood 4-7PM Wednesday, 17 Dec, 2014 Adorado Cafe Nicaragua 5856, Palermo Hollywood Post a reply here if we should save you a seat. Coffee Chat is a weekly event where people meet for coffee/drinks to talk with others about what...
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    End Of The Year Dinner 8:30Pm Tonight!

    So I am hosting coffee chat again this week which will also happen still on Wednesday and will get that location to everyone asap. However I was thinking since it will be the last coffee/ pub chat of the year we could do a dinner on this coming friday for anyone interested. Many people it seems...
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    Good Quality Coffee In Buenos Aires

    So I just went to Tastadores de Cafe and actually got a good cup of coffee. The first I actually had that was of a good quality in this city. Their locale is new though they have been selling coffee to many different shops in the area for a few years now. So if anyone likes to buy or wants a cup...
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    Croatian Tutor In Buenos Aires

    So I'm working to get my Croatian citizenship but the problem is there is a culture test in Croatian and go figure I don't know any so if anyone knew someone or somewhere I could go to get lessons I would really appreciate it!
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    Coffee Chat November 19Th In Las Canitas At Pit Deli/ Bakery

    Hi All, This is the last week that GMXam is gone and I'm hosting the next Wednesday Coffee Chat in Las Canitas which is the northern part of the greater Palermo area. Here are the details: WHEN: 4-7PM, Wednesday, November 19th WHERE: Soldado de la Independencia 1154...
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    Beaches In Northern Uruguay...

    So last week someone told me that the beaches closer to brazil in Uruguay are something to check out although I had never heard any up there mentioned. Just asking since if there was something even a little worth while I would maybe check it out before getting the brazil visa,
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    Unlocking An Iphone 5 In Buenos Aires

    There was a thread a few years back on this though of course technology is always changing so I was wondering if anyone currently knows a place to unlock an iPhone 5 from AT&T in the city or someone who would do it and about how much money it costs..
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    When Can I Apply For A Dni

    I have temporary residency through a student visa and am trying to figure out when I'm able to apply for a DNI. I was told that I need to be in the country for 6 months by one migraciones employee and 3 by another so I'm kind of lost with this...
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    Changing A Student Visa To A Resident Visa?

    Hi! I currently have been studying in Buenos Aires on exchange. I really like my program that I have here in Buenos Aires so am planning on staying. Of course getting another student visa will not be a problem when this one expires however I was wondering what would be a a way that I could get...