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    Can't get a mobile plan anymore?

    I have to add one detail...I can't say for sure about the dni issue. That may still be a problem.
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    Can't get a mobile plan anymore?

    They have good coverage and good 4g. Just came back from 1 week in Tigre on an island...4g was spotty on the island, but in Tigre it was good. Order sim card from their web site. I have used them for two years with no complaints.
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    Can't get a mobile plan anymore?

    Tuenti has a good plan. 150 per month, I think it goes up next month to 180.
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    Handyman/fix-It Guy

    I am offering my services as a handyman/fix-it guy. My experience comes from 15 yrs. of experience fixing and maintaining two houses in the United States and living in an apartment here that always have something that needs fixed. Professionally, I work as a machinist with over 25 yrs. of...
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    Hello, New To Baexpats....

    Hello, I have been reading posts here for a long time and living here in CABA for two and a half years, but I am new to baexpats. I have found alot of good information here, also found a few good laughs. I am from the United States and living here with my returning Argentine wife and a teenage...