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    Swinger Party Blues: Hunky Police Officer Confused as Stripper Talk about a Violation of the Penal Code!
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    Are food and drinks being adulterated to deal with the lockdowns and inflation?

    I bought a bottle of Gordon's Dry Gin and threw it in the freezer as is my habit of 40 years plus. This is the first time I've had a bottle of hard liquor freeze on me. The freezing point is -25 degrees C since the alcohol content is 37.5%. Is it possible that my Patrick freezer can get this...
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    I need a Back Doctor recommendation

    I'm looking for a back doctor / hospital recommendation. I'm in Palermo. I'd like a place that can take good x-rays or ultrasounds to see if it is an urgent problem or something that can be handled by a physical therapist.
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    Natural Remedies for Dealing with Seasonal Allergies in Baires

    The last two times I've been in Baires in November I've had very bad allergies that progress to bronchitis. Since some of the symptoms are similar to COV-19, viz coughing, I'd really rather avoid it. I plan to use a steroidal spray early on this year, but I would like to know if any of you...
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    Time to dump the Gaucho?

    Saddleback College is debating whether to dump the gaucho as their school mascot because it's offensive. "The Gaucho is traditional to Argentine culture and therefore seen as offensive to some." Is he saying Argentine culture is offensive?!?!?! WTF I say support the Gaucho! In support of the...
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    What Happens if a Tourist gets COV-19? Insurance Options

    If a tourist gets COV-19, I assume they would go to a public hospital whether they wanted to or not. I'm also guessing that private hospitals are not accepting non-members unlike in the past. I called an eye clinic and was told they are only treating members. Are there any options for someone...
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    Oil Drops 30% Overnight! Is Vaca Muerta Dead?
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    Special Eastern Airlines Non-Stop Flight to Miami: April 18 11:30
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    Argentine Health Care 101
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    Your ‘strange’ crush on an Argentine could actually be a racist fetish

    To paraphrase the article: Is this the same as the Yanqui and Euro-gals who pick up suave tango men and strapping polo studs?
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    Best Sites for Tracking Argentina COV-19 Statistics

    I'm looking for a site that gives statistic by province, age, etc. Here's some that just gives basic numbers for Argentina: Map and statistic by province...
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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    In the next two years which do you think will kill more people Cov-19 Virus Quarantine Of course this depends on how long the quarantine lasts. So base your answer on your best judgement of how long the quarantine lasts. By Quarantine Related Deaths, I'm referring to any deaths by suicide...
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    Argentina Sacrifices Economy to Ward Off Virus
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    Another Special Flight to the USA (Mar 31 at 9:30 am)

    After the ominous warning about the "last flight" here's another: One advantage of these flights is that they are direct to the USA (EZE to Miami). Last time I checked, the other flights transit in Lima.
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    Special flight to the USA / 26 March

    You need to enroll in the STEP program (see link below).
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    Does Western Union Require a Current Visa?

    When I was here for the last Dolar Blu period about five years ago, I went down to the More Money office on Libertad and they gave my passport a long gander and my money but threatened not to process any future transfers because my tourist visa had expired. Anyone know if Western Union requires...
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    Where's a Good Small Town to Ride Out the Storm?

    I'm was planning to go to VIlla General Belgrano in April and may still do so, but am soliciting advice as to alternatives. I hear conflicting info about whether the virus is more virulent in cold or hot weather environments. Salta area would be good if the virus is found to not like hot and/or...
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    How to Be a Hipster

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    2000, 5000, 10000 Peso Design Ideas

    I've read recently that the new government didn't want to continue with the animals on the currency. The old government didn't want to use old politicians. But in our trips to Western Union we don't want to have to take a backpack to retrieve our ill gotten gains. I propose a design theme...
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    Bolivia pressures Argentina over Morales call for 'armed militias'