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  1. Mahara

    Best way to access Canadian funds from BA

    It's $500,000.
  2. Mahara

    Best way to access Canadian funds from BA

    I also have an HSBC card and there are fees at both ends - in Argentina and at home. It is free to bank within Canada, but not internationally. It's not possible for Canadians to open a bank acccount with Citibank from Argentina. There is only a couple of branches in Canada and you have to...
  3. Mahara

    Landlord Requiring $US, won't accept $AR

    Just a further note to this. We rented for six months late last year and earlier this year. We are Canadians and do not have access to American funds any more than we have access to Chinese funds. We were not coming from Canada, but from Europe. We paid in pesos but at the exchange rate...
  4. Mahara

    NYC to Buenos Aires - question on cost of living

    Hi I think you need to take a long-term view of your life, especially in light of the recent financial situation. IMO a young professional should work to make as much money as possible, while possible, and nail down some paid-for assets - a house or condo, maybe some savings in a variety of...
  5. Mahara

    Canada vs US (for duel citizens)

    Canada, by a country mile. The atmosphere here is positive, national housing prices here are $100,000 more than the US and unemployment is low. Housing defaults are around 1/2 of one percent, compared to who-know-what in the US, where around one-third of the houses are under water. Sure...
  6. Mahara

    Recoleta: Sunny, Bright, Cheerful, $750 month

    How big it this apartment. Is it a one-bed, or a studio?
  7. Mahara

    Apartment this normal?

    NOT TRUE: Temporary rental agencies will show suites - the good ones anyway. I've viewed at least a dozen, some with other tourists and some on my own. If the agency refuses, find another agency. Reynolds does show suites, and so does Best in BA.
  8. Mahara

    Apartment this normal?

    Hi We use Reynolds Properties. They allow a deposit of 10% by visa, which is non refundable, but a lot safer than handing over money to someone you don't know. Remember the first rule of Western Union - never send money to someone you don't know. We still have to pay the similar damage...
  9. Mahara

    Hair Straightening - Brazilian Technique

    hi Before you do read about the chemical content. Also be aware that what is stated as contents is not necessarily so. I am sorry I don't know how to spell formaldahyde but apparently it's in the product. Many people have had their hair fall out. The Cdn. govt tested some products and it...
  10. Mahara

    Reliable Airport Taxi Service

    Hi How about 2:30 or 3:00 am? Our plane leaves at 5:30
  11. Mahara

    Can Someone Tell Me the Good Stuff?

    You wrote this succinctly. Can I copy it and post elsewhere, with you name as author, of course.
  12. Mahara

    HP 1600 Printer for sale $125 pesos

    Deskjet 1600 - only a few months old and hardly used. I found it very handy for the six months I have been down here. Have box, CD etc. We are leaving this next weekend. It works very well. Argentine plug but can be switched with a N.A. plug as well. PM me if interested. M.
  13. Mahara

    Sharing some good news! Hi I received national coverage in Canada last week for my first book. If you are interested, please see the attached link. The story by Jonathan Chevreau includes BA. I was excited and grateful for this opportunity...
  14. Mahara

    Can I share some good news?

    Hi I've attached a link to a newspaper article about my new book The Laughing Boomer. It appears across Canada on Thursday in 11 major newspapers. As a new author I was grateful and excited by the response. It's about a happy retirement being a state of mind, not a state of money and BA is...
  15. Mahara

    Mailing boxes or paying overweight luggage charges

    Hi We've been here six months and are moving on at the end of Feb to Peru and Bolivia. I'm trying to decide whether it's cheaper to mail a box or two of our winter stuff/souvenirs, etc. to Canada or pay the overweight luggage charges. In a way I'd just like to get rid of it. Has anyone done...
  16. Mahara

    Belgian Restaurant?

    Asturas or something close to that on the corner of Avenida Mayo and Libertad has excellent mussels.
  17. Mahara

    Stop Paying Killer ATM Fees

    I understand you must put in $500,000 with the bank to get a Premier Acct. That's how it was in Canada a few years ago.
  18. Mahara


    Hi Kris. Don't know about this, but I understand that people do not let "strangers" in their homes here. Might be a barrier. Maybe others can comment, Mahara
  19. Mahara

    Apartments and Jobs

    Assuming you mean 100 pesos an hour, or did you mean $100 US?
  20. Mahara

    Good Place to go for Vaccinations

    Hi I'm thinking I need to update my vaccinations. Does anyone know a good place to go - a travel medical clinic, for example? Also, anyone know how the prices are? Thanks, Mahara