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  1. donnay

    Has anyone had any luck getting their Covid test results from La Rural?

    I had a COVID test Friday, they took my passport number, phone number , etc, and told me to get my results by texting Recibido Test to Whatsapp 1150500147. I have every day, but no answer. The City site requires a DNI or the bot won't talk to me. Any suggestions?
  2. donnay

    Using Uber Or Taxiezeiza From Airport?

    I and 7 of my friends are coming to Buenos Aires on various dates in November . Due to a sale by Aerolinas Argentinas, many are coming in at 4:30 in the morning. How is Uber doing now? Could we find a driver who wants to come to the airport that early? While we are in Buenos Aires, is it worth...
  3. donnay

    Skin Condition Therapies -Spider Veins, Etc

    I have a friend coming to BA and he would like to get rid of some Strawberry nevus (hemangioma) and seborrheic keratosis on his back and chest, these are small and generally treated with laser therapy or cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen). He also has some spider veins (telangiectasia) around his...
  4. donnay

    Best Place To Exchange Dollars For Pesos

    Florida is scary. Where do I go?