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    The Story Behind The Facturas In Your Local Pastry Shop
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    Taking Kids Out Of The Country

    Travelling with under age kids born in Argentina is a hassle . The documents required by the Argentine migration people tend to be more demanding than those asked for by their counterparts in Europe or North America. I just spotted this page in Spanish which could be the definitive guide on...
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    Restrictions In Usa For Children Travelling With One Parent?

    Can children in the USA travel abroad with only one of the parents ? Or do they need additional documentation The case is my son who has ARG and UK passports . Can he travel home with his mother allowing me to stay on for a further week to do some business stuff? We would all be leaving...
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    Cfk's Former Chief Of Staff Detained

    Milani arrested and detained. Alleged torture charges.... And rumours of further charges to come Surely this cant be true . The great defender of human rights would never have appointed a guy like that. Or not?
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    Best Hotel Pool In Buenos Aires

    A friend is coming next week and has asked me to search for a hotel with a decent outside pool. Any ideas?
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    Spanish / Italian Driving Licence

    Has anyone exchanged a Spanish or Italian driving licence for an Argentine one?
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    Hoteles To Change Money ...officially

    At long last the government has realized that it would be a good idea if tourists could change FX at their hotels. Not sure when it all starts but here is a link.
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    Special Report On Argentina In Financial Times

    First link is to all the articles and the second is to a pdf download http://im.ft-static....372cdb1043a.pdf
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    No Traffic ....very Quiet

    Amazing what happens when theres a football game on !!
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    New Fibertel Promo

    Looks like Telecentro are hurting them with their recent offers. Fibertel have just launched HD plus 25 Megas at 746 pesos per month
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    Light Bulbs?

    A question for the specialists from an electrical luddite Would light bulbs sold in the USA work in Argentina I know that electrical appliances will need a transformer but are light bulbs made in different voltages?
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    Azimo Bank Transfers

    Sorry to open another thread on Azimo bit its a different theme and I wouldnt want it to get lost. Has anyone used Azimo for direct transfers to Arg bank accounts. How long does it take? And most importantly if you send 5,000 pesos , what sum arrives in your account? Thanks in advance for...
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    Mercado Central

    Several times over the last few years there have been recommendations to use the Mercado Central for cheap food etc Does anyone know why the mercado Central is situated where it is? Its in the middle of no where and not very central for anything.
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    Does anyone know why there is always a huge line at Argenper in Corrientes. I have been down a couple of times recently and the queue can take between 30 minutes and an hour. It used to be 5-10 minutes. Just wondered if anyone knew why...
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    The Pope And Macri

    Was 20 minutes an insult? Was the Pope having an off day Or was Francisco in love with Kristina? Or is Macri a more efficient operator and gets more donw in 20 mins than others do in an hour. I think the only other perosn who got less time was QE2 who got 17 minutes....
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    Citibank Argentina For Sale?

    looks like the owners want to get out of retil banking the rumor has been floating around for some time . But my friends in the busienss say that it is a goer now...
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    Migraciones - Sanabria And Jonte Office

    Does anyone have any experience of the Sanabria Office of Migraciones ? A recently married friend has been give a turno there. Aparently this office opened about a year ago to ease crowding at the main office. Just wondered if anyone had used the place...
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    Ministry Of Propaganda

    Many susoected it but this si pretty interesting...
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    Anyone used Tor recently? I see that Gringoboy and a few otheres were using it a few years ago but just wondered if it was useful now.
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    Who Trashed The Casa Rosada?

    There didnt seem to be any budget for repairs and maintenace to some sectors of the Casa Rosada. What was all that bull about a "decada ganada"? I would really love these pictures to be...