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  1. MorganF

    Banking question

    I have a similar question that maybe @Alfred_Arnold or someone may be able to help me with: I have a BBVA credit card with a 95k limit. I have a bunch of purposes on it, in quotas, which is about $15k/month in quotas. But now I only have ~$40k/month disponible to spend (in general, not limited...
  2. MorganF

    Any rumors on when you can fire people again in Arg?

    I'm asking for a friend... ;) Due to the pandemic, there is--apparently--a law that you're not allowed to fire anyone anymore in Arg, at least for all practical purposes. (Is my understanding correct?) To the lawyers and friends here: any news or gossip on if/when they may wind this back and...
  3. MorganF

    AFIP pone el foco en multinacionales estadounidenses que operan en la Argentina Se pone en marcha esta semana un acuerdo firmado con el organismo recaudador de EEUU, el Internal Revenue Services (IRS). Argentina recibirá información automática sobre los precios de...
  4. MorganF

    Root Canal Recommendation (Emergency)

    I can recommend a first-rate, deeply trustworthy, and affordable dentist in BA if you want.
  5. MorganF

    The Buenos Aires Digital Nomad Program

    So are foreigners allowed to come to Arg/BA again?
  6. MorganF

    Antique Book Stores/ Brokers ?

    I third the recommendation of Daniel Zachariah, he's great!
  7. MorganF

    How many people are contributing to this forum?

    Wow that is old school! And my views on garbage bags have only gotten more extreme since then!!!!
  8. MorganF

    How many people are contributing to this forum?

    I used to contribute a lot :( I have lots of memories of observing various flame wars, and I even made a few good real-life friends from here. Gratzie to all!
  9. MorganF

    Law on wearing masks outside?

    Thank you, STS!!!! This is what I was looking for ❤️
  10. MorganF

    Law on wearing masks outside?

    Renzi: my experience with the police in Arg is that no two will give you the same answer haha :(
  11. MorganF

    Law on wearing masks outside?

    Alby: I'd rather not discuss personal medical conditions publicly. If anyone else knows the Barbijo law for being outside on the sidewalk, please let me know. Thank you :)
  12. MorganF

    Law on wearing masks outside?

    Hey all, I haven't posted in a while and I know y'all have missed my literary ramblings :) I haven't posted "Because Life" to use a 2020 grammatical construction. I have a quick question for y'all, and my apologies if the answer is in a thread somewhere that I've missed (feel free to point me...
  13. MorganF

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    Girino, we have dibs hahaha :)
  14. MorganF

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    Hey! I messaged you, check your inbox :)
  15. MorganF

    American Family With Young Kids Looking For Nanny

    Hi everyone! We're a young couple with three children, ages 6, 4, and a 3 months. We're half Argentine and half American. We're a nerdy family, the sort that spends far too much time sitting around doing puzzles and playing board games together. We're looking for a nanny that is a native...
  16. MorganF

    Know a specialist in home networking (NAS, etc) tech?

    Hey all :) I want to install a little network on a wifi connection -- network backup storage, and a few other bells and whistles -- and I'm wondering if anyone knows an expert in these issues who does this professionally on a freelance basis, in BA. This is a bit more complex than just simple...
  17. MorganF

    How has the high end luxury property market been affected by Black Monday?

    Does anyone have a link to information in the media about this new capital gains tax? I only saw it mentioned here and want to learn about it. Thanks Perry and all!
  18. MorganF

    Does anyone here have experience getting a tourist Visa to Bolivia?

    ....Or know of any professionals who specialize in that process? (In short: little online documentation, weird requirements like an affidavit of financial solvency, no instructions on how to pay for it etc... argh!) Thank you!!! morgan