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    Belmondo folding bike $150

    same get a life it went back into storage
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    Belmondo folding bike $150

    A Belmondo bike is EXACTLY the same as a TERN. Same fittings, same everything except the color, and mine is the dark olive green that other bicyclists covet. It is really a beauty. It includes the rack and lights. It has hardly been used. I love Argentina...then my bike....then other things in...
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    So...If I go into my friendly tienda....and give him my card....he charges me $100 on the me the current conversion rate in cash minus a service charge.....he gets the 292 from the government....and a new system of money transfer is started????????
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    Current fine and bank hours at EZE for overstaying Visa

    When I overstayed I went to migration days before leaving and paid my fine there and got a release. No rush. Go to the guards at the gated entrance and tell them why you are there....they will direct you to the proper door to start. They are very helpful and no line...
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    Do we need a roundtrip ticket on a Tourist Visa?

    I am surprised this subject gets more conversation. Anyone who goes to the departing airport without a printed copy of a ticket out of the destination country is dumb. Just buy a ticket that is refundable separate from the departing ticket...using a credit card. If you don't have enough...
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    Best Pasta in Capital

    Good pasta? any gas station...hardware salon
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    Spa/saunas in Buenos Aires

    I visited hotels looking for what you are looking for.....the best I found was the Four Seasons....and now the membership is closed. I found nothing that was a possibility...pool gym and exclusive
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    Do we need a roundtrip ticket on a Tourist Visa?

    Until some airline clerk at the ticket counter refuses to board you....then you will say...."jeez, if only I had listened to what the LAW is"....because the forum had all the real info. It is ALWAYS the boarding airline. I always thought this forum attracted the smartest people. What happened?
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    Shipping a small electronic device

    In case anyone has such a dull life as to read what Quilombo said....Grabr is paid by credit card (to Grabr)...and the payment to the person bringing the merchandise is not made until the recepient certifies the merchandise has been delivered. Any problems are the responibility of the the...
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    Shipping a small electronic device

    I used Grabr to get Metamucil....which is relativily heavy....would have cost $200 using Mercadolibre....$95 using grabr.....people make comments and they don't know what they are talking about. I would buy an Iphone if I needed it.
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    Shipping a small electronic device

    no........use grabr I use it
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    Looking for Cleaning Person

    I have posted info on the girl who works for me. If you me.
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    Do we need a roundtrip ticket on a Tourist Visa?

    Listen to FrankPintor and realize the other comments are worthless. But they do not take it fairly seriously. The take it VERY seriously.
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    thank you
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    I don't see any newer information on Pilates on the form. I need a nice place preferably in Recoleta and for this, I need an English-speaking instructor. (those who know me are NOT welcome to laugh about this) Thanks.
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    Some Rental Questions

    Do what I did when I overstayed a couple of months. Don't do it at the airport. Go to migration a day or two before you go.
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    Western Union money transfer

    It happened to me...with a cash pickup. No resolution as they would not tell me why I was shut out.
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    Grabr for bringing in merchadise

    This morning I made a Grabr purchase. Gotta' have my Metamucil. Costs $55 at Walmart. I paid $96 (could have been $9 less using local payment service in Pesos). The equivilant purchase by weight on MercadoLibre was double that. My $96 included a $25 delivery charge (I was offered the...