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    Information/recommendations/reviews From The Sector Salud

    Dear Group, I’d like to introduce you a site we have been working on for several months. Our main objective is to improve the quality of medical care by providing reliable information, reviews and recommendations from the Sector Salud. It’s still in its basic/beta version, but hopefully you...
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    Have Been All Unofficial Exchange Houses Closed Down?

    This is what I learnt from my friend yesterday. Is that true please? Thank you!
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    Opening An Account In Urg (Reference Letters Needed?)

    Hi, I'd like to verify some points I have regarding an opening of the account in Uruguay. I've got some hints from URG accountant, but I have never seen it to be mentioned here.... I'm an argentinian DNI holder. He is claiming I need 2 reference letters (doesn;t matter if 1 or 2) from my...
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    Tailoring Services For Alternation Of Custom Made Suits?

    Do you have any recommendation please? I'd like to adjust them since I have 12 kilograms less than I had 6 months ago and they are not fitting anymore. I'm looking for a real professional as they cost me a fortune. Thank you!
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    Uruguay Exchange Eur/usd???

    Is it possible to unlimitedly exchange euros to dollars in Colonia? Any recommended? Thank you!
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    Euro For Dollar

    Hello, I would like to exchange my EUROS for USD, anyone interested? Thank you.
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    Spanish teacher + EUROS

    Hi all, we are young couple from EU, we have just arrived to Buenos Aires to study spanish and have some fun :) Could you please recommend any private spanish teacher? BTW Anyone interested to buy EUROS (preferably for DOLLARS)? Many thanks ;)