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    Advice Please

    ha ha ha ha!
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    Renting An Apartment In Ba Is Taxable

    if you own property in argentina which you rent out part or full time, you are required to pay impuestos de ganancias which is quite a lot. if you are NOT a resident by the time you sell you will need a permiso de vender from AFIP and they will indeed go through all your passport stamps and...
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    Argentine Movies--Reviews In English

    exactly my point. that's how good the acting was!!
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    Argentine Movies--Reviews In English

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    Resident Visa

    Gabriel Celano. He is the best.
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    Old Topic But Out Of Touch - Can You Transfer Us$ Abroad

    I don't know about the dual citizenship aspect. I just sold my house and had the money (dollars) out the next day. I know of many places that do that if you can justify the funds (as in escritura). No problem whatsoever.
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    Leaving Soon, Some More Things From My House For Sale

    It's countdown time (still can't believe it!). I sold most of the contents of my house but still have some things left. (Also met some really nice people from this group in the process!) What is left: a fabulous dining table (for up to 8) which I almost sold 3 times (people really want it, then...
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    Mexican Food

    I have never had Mexican food in BA and I wouldn't dream of going to a Mex restaurant here because I love real Mexican food too much. I live a block from Maria Felix and walk by there all the time. The other day I stopped to look at the menu, and laughed out loud. They got it all completely...
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    Manning Sentenced To 35 Years In The Slammer Fair....!!
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    So that's your problem. The not drinking! Not drinking = bad thinking! :)
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    Thanks a lot, NYKate. I have a limited tolerance for ice cream but perhaps I should try spaghetti on a cone!! (and red wine in another one...)
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    .....but now I am eating MY spaghetti with my fingers and no one CARES! :-((
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    ...where do you think the pizza is worse, here or in Italy?... only KIDDING!!!!!
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    huh?? If anything, I said the opposite! huh? Not at all! I NEVER argued this, if I argued anything at all, it was the opposite! huh? I huh???? huh?????what?? what???????? i',m lost........anybody help me out here????
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    ....except for your Argentine woman neighbors from upstairs who vacuum at 3 am and hate you for using the gym? ;-)
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    Don't Trust Anyone, They Say

    I guess I have no room to talk! BTW, PhilipDT who had outed himself just came over and we "kissed and made up", well so to speak.... :)
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    Packing For Short Term Assignment

    as mentioned above, (almost) everything is much more expensive here, and of very poor quality, or you can't get it at all. bring everything you can possibly think of, and THREE kitchen sinks!
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    Will The New Dumpsters Keep The Streets Cleaner?

    They have had these in Montevideo for many years. What do the cartoneros do? They jump inside. I have seen it many times in MVD. I am now seeing it here.