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  1. D.B. Cooper

    Transfer US Dollars out of Argentina

    I would contact Casa Puente. When I bought my apt. here I was able to transferred the money from my US bank account to their office here in BA. They're over 100 years old, very reputable. Not a cueva or anything shady. We even did the closing right in their office here in downtown BA...
  2. D.B. Cooper

    Militancy Day 2022

    This was planned well in advance. While the Prez is in Bali attending the G20 summit. “While the cat's away, the mice will play”. This is her un official launching of her presidential run. She’ll use Mas+A or KissyLove as her VP running mate. She's a one woman crime wave. A con, a thief, a liar...
  3. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, November 15 at MAWII in Palermo

    Either way is fine. Nice weather today.
  4. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, November 15 at MAWII in Palermo

    Me too. Are we meeting outside or upstairs ???.
  5. D.B. Cooper

    Jacaranda Peeping: best location?

    The local Botanical Garden might be a good place to start. It's a beautiful place to spend the day, and easy to get to. Plaza Italia stop on the D subway line. El Jardin Botanico also has a small cat population that lives there year-round. The park has plenty of comfortable park benches to sit...
  6. D.B. Cooper

    Coffee Chat on TUESDAY, November 8 at MAWII in Palermo

    Count me in. I'll be there.
  7. D.B. Cooper

    Swimming pools/indoors&outdoors

    The GEBA / Jorge Newberry club has a beautiful 50 meter pool. I used to swim there when I arrived here and was living in that area. They also have 6 outdoor clay tennis courts. I now live in the south side of the city and it’s no longer practical for me to go there.
  8. D.B. Cooper

    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Thanks for being the guinea pig of the group. Caveat Emptor,...Maybe the new system hasn't kicked in yet.
  9. D.B. Cooper

    Buying a guitar in BA

    Last week Coldplay frontman Chris Martin walked in one of those guitar stores (Stage Music) on Talcahuano Street and bought an acoustic guitar. Then asked the sales guys to play a few songs for an impromptu jam session. No doubt those guys will remember the moment forever. Amazing.
  10. D.B. Cooper

    Canadian tourist drowns in Iguazú Falls

    One of the local papers from Misiones Province posted a photo of the man already in the water going by. It doesn't look like the stranger is struggling to get out or calling for help. It looks more like the man is walking and already resigned to his fate.
  11. D.B. Cooper

    Argentine Airlines flight from Spain to BA hit severe turbulence.

    An Argentine Airlines flight from Spain to BA hit severe turbulence. Upon landing at EZE Some passengers had to be treated at a local hospital. I always keep my seatbelt on, but sooner or later everybody has to hit the can.
  12. D.B. Cooper

    Good news for retirees living on Social Security payments...

    The article says the increase would be around 8.7%. That’s huge. We'll have to wait and see what happens tomorrow.
  13. D.B. Cooper

    Good news for retirees living on Social Security payments...

    Good news for retirees living on Social Security payments. According to a recent NYTimes article the SS payments for next year will be "huge". The increase will be announced this Thursday. The COLA will be the largest one in decades. The reason for this is the current inflation that is affecting...
  14. D.B. Cooper

    What ever happened to John Cobin?

    He was sentenced to 11 years which was later reduced to 6 years. Here's a YouTube video of the shooting. Crowds were forcing people to get out of their car and dance. Sounds like harmless fun but it could turn deadly in the blink of an eye. Both the shooting victim and the shooter got lucky...
  15. D.B. Cooper

    Shipping a small electronic device

    You'll want to avoid the local postal service if possible. Specially when importing something from the US or EU. Try the local Mercado Libre site. It's the eBay equivalent in Argentina. They have lots of models there.
  16. D.B. Cooper

    Local Michael Jackson impersonators get reviewed by the NYTimes.

    I was never a huge Michael Jackson fan. But here’s an interesting NYTIMES article about two local guys who make a living from it. BTW,…does anybody know how those anti gravity shoes work…
  17. D.B. Cooper

    Where can i find a psychiatrist to prescribe me pills which i took in my country?

    I forgot about our own DrPat. She used to come to the meetups but hasn't been around in a while. Her email is She's fully bilingual.