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    Migraciones Appointment - Can I Bring Translation Help?

    I have an appointment at Migraciones next week to apply for Temporary Residence for Labor Purposes (valid for two years). Am I allowed to bring someone with me to help with translation? I'd like to bring my company's lawyer, or I thought I'd read about people whom I can hire to bring with me...
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    Almond Milk - Is It A Thing Here?

    Almond milk is among the products I'm trying to secure or verify the existence of before my better half comes down here to stay with me. The milk scene itself is quite different, but I haven't seen anything that looks like almond milk yet. Any leads?
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    Rat At The Supermarket

    I was in the Disco supermarket in Palermo Soho the other day and a large rat scurried from the gap under one fruit display to the gap under another fruit display. Needless to say, I was alarmed. I've never lived in a city this big and dense - is that typical? I wouldn't think so, but what do I...
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    Bottle Deposit?

    So, I bought a big bottle of beer at the little store next to my building and the lady gave me a hand-written slip for the deposit - presumably so I can prove I bought it from her when I take it back for the deposit? It says "1 x 15 = 15". Is that 15 cents? I didn't know there was bottle...
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    Getting Around Ba With A Toddler

    Hi again everyone. I'm interested in knowing how folks who have a toddler get around town, with not having a car. And how do you deal with taxis? When the wife and I brought the kid with us last year, (he was 2 years old at the time) we tried to use vehicle transport as little as possible and...
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    Moving To Ba Soon - And More Currency Questions From A Noob

    Hi everyone. I've been a lurker for a long time, as I've been travelling to BA quarterly for work for the past few years, but I'm finally about to make the leap and move to Buenos Aires with my spouse and toddler, so I thought I should finally register. :) We'll be moving from Michigan to...