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  1. perry

    African Population of Argentina

    Very Interesting Video on Argentinas African history . At one time the population of Buenos Aires was 35% African descent. Today in 2022 we see very little feel of this community and its history here . What do the members think ?
  2. perry

    Don Julio is now a butcher The most famous restaurant in Argentina Don Julio has now become a butcher with delivery options . This has been one of my favourite restaruants in the world...
  3. perry

    Argentina 1954

    This is a great selection of clips from 1954 of Argentina . This was really a beautiful time in our history . It will put a smile on your face for those who are suffering from the quarantine
  4. perry

    Blue Rate has now hit 100 per dollar The blue rate has now hit 100 per dollar and this is without any banks or cuevas dealing with dollars . It will be bedlam within the money markets once economies open up again .
  5. perry

    Police Brutality in the quarantine Video attached

    Please look at this video of this citizen in Bahia Blanca who was brutally beaten by the police in his daily walk of his dog . He also had papers for liberal movement in his car which the police refused to accompany him even though it was just one block away Instead he was brutally beaten by...
  6. perry

    Long term effects on the Argentinian Culture due to Covid 19

    Today I saw on television that they are bringing in a new law regarding the sharing of mate between people . If this is the case it seems that it will never be reversed and a beautiful part of the Argentinian culture will cease to exist . The same will happen to Milongas and argentinian tango...
  7. perry

    Xenophobia in Buenos Aires

    This is a topic that I am sure that is affecting many expats in Buenos Aires and with the quarantine it seems that common decency and respect have gone out of the window Some of the stories i have read online and personally have left even me surprised . From foreigners being denied entry into...
  8. perry

    Apocalytic scenes in Argentinian banks As we all know there is a quarantine but today they are opening the banks for 5 hours . Turn on the television now and see the apocalytic scenes of 8...
  9. perry

    How to handle super spreaders ?

    Reading the comments online and the dangers of the Covid19 in Argentina and the rest of the world how do we handle those who break their home quarantines and can potentially spread the disease to many others . In Uruguay in the most exclusive neighborhood of Carrasco there is the case of...
  10. perry

    How will the police and military handle the quarantine here Talking to friends in Peru they are not handling the quarantine and nightly curfew well . Even though Peru has not recorded one death...
  11. perry

    My coronavirus story and escape from Buenos Aires

    I have been a expat in Buenos Aires for 16 years and its been a city I have greatly loved until the last few years due to the deteriorating economic climate and now the panic and paranoia for the coronavirus made the last weeks there very difficult . I personally do not believe that this virus...
  12. perry

    Buenos Aires will be under full quarantine very soon

    Alberto Fernandez is looking into locking down Buenos Aires very soon . Australia and the USA will also implement full quarantines of major cities.
  13. perry

    How many intensive care beds are there in Buenos Aires ?

    This topic is of great interest to me and I am having problems in finding out the exact number . I believe that there are close to 7.000 intensive care beds in public hospitals in Buenos Aires of these close to 50 % are occupied at all times . For private hospitals I do not have the number . The...
  14. perry

    Theft from hotel rooms .

    Reading the thread on the Mexican ambassador on stealing a book from El Atheneo brought me to this topic as Argentinians have the dubious honour of being number one internationally from stealing from hotel rooms as guests. This to me is a very embarrassing statistic and I like to ask the...
  15. perry

    Why are Argentinians so accepting of corruption ?

    Living here for now 18 years I have noticed that the tolerance for corruption and mismanagement of government coiffers is the highest in the western world . Growing up in a stable country Australia if inflatiion hit over 5 percent per year there would be a massive outcry and people would...
  16. perry

    Argentinan chef worlds best restaurant A feel good article of the best restaurant of the world headed by an Argentinian chef . This makes me proud !
  17. perry

    When will Argentina default ? This negative article implies that Argentina could default on its foreign debt very soon as the useable foreign reserves are less than 12 billion dollars . Argentina accumulated under...
  18. perry

    Peso Blue red strengthens over 15percent

    Today to the surprise of many the peso blue rate has strengthened and is now at most 65 pesos per dollar . For those who changed yesterday count yourself lucky. Many casas del cambio are closed today due to the uncertainty and volatility of the market
  19. perry

    Brazil threatens to cut trade with Argentina.

    Bolsonaro has threatened to cut trade and ban Argentina from Mercosur if Alberto Fernandez and the Peronists win. As Brazil is our biggest trading partner this will have serious consequences for our fragile economy . Brazil is not acting like a friendly neighbour and is not respecting the will...
  20. perry

    Christina Kirchner

    This viideo is making the rounds of Facebook and posters are appearing on the sidewalks of Buenos Aires comparing Christina to Maleficent. , Have any other expats seen these posters on building and sidewalks ?