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    Live Tango Music - El Boliche De Roberto

    Once I've been to a place called El Boliche de Roberto (Lo de Roberto) and the tango show was amazing, the atmosphere and crowd were really nice also. Is there any similar place to experience tango in baires since the "boliche" closed? I really miss this old school atmosphere it had.
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    Moving Soon Is My Salary Enough?

    I will be moving to BsAs with my wife in september. My company will promote me and relocate me there. I didn't receive my salary proposal to BsAs yet, but based on experience I am quite sure it will be: 20-25k pesos, rent and health insurance for me and my wife. The rent they will pay will...
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    Can I Live There With This Money?

    Hello everyone, My company wants to relocate me to Buenos Aires. I would be going with my wife and we don't have kids. I expect to receive a salary between 20-25k pesos + rent (at around 6-8k month). Is this money enough for us 2 to live comfortably in Buenos Aires assuming she won't be able...