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  1. Redpossum

    Refund issue with Colonia Express + Pago Facil + Mercado Pago

    Post an angry rant on Twitter, like "ripped off by Colonia Express!!!" (be sure to use at least three exclamation points). Make sure they see it.
  2. Redpossum

    Still an American at heart

    I started this thread a month ago today, and I see it's still rolling. Thank you all for sharing your insights. Having worked in the restaurant business changes your perceptions of restaurant service forever. You notice all the things being done wrong, because you know how to do them right. I...
  3. Redpossum

    Anybody else notice coffee recently not tasting good?

    muchachos garcias! It's actually a little further from my place than the Modo Barista, but they're both out west via the B line from Retiro. At another time of year, I'd go without hesitation, but, well, we're supposed to get some cooler weather later this week. (knock on wood)
  4. Redpossum

    Anybody else notice coffee recently not tasting good?

    That instagram page you linked isn't leading to anything here in Argentina. ------------- BUT! Estado de Palestina 539 appears to be a storefront for Modo Barista
  5. Redpossum

    Anybody else notice coffee recently not tasting good?

    Give us an url You want to talk weird flavors, did you know catshit coffee (kopi luwak) is a thing?
  6. Redpossum

    Anybody else notice coffee recently not tasting good?

    I have actually started buying coffee at Starbucks. The price is extortionate at ~2500 pesos for 250g, but I can't find anything better available here in Retiro, at least not within comfortable walking distance of my apartment. The Cabrales Colombia suggested by Hotdog sounds like an option I'd...
  7. Redpossum

    What did USA people here do for Thanksgiving?

    absolutely nothing
  8. Redpossum

    Blue dollar near 400 by end of year, finance guru predicts

    The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
  9. Redpossum

    David Beckham wants Messi for Inter Miami? Just, wow. If you will remember, Messi's final deal with Barca, the one that fell through, (or fell apart), was rumored to involve Lio going to the States for a year or two, and then returning to Barca to coach. And...
  10. Redpossum

    US Passport Renewal

    For passport renewal, they say on the embassy page you can pay in dollars or pesos. Anybody know if payment in pesos will be calculated at the official rate? If so, that would be much cheaper, and I need all the help I can get. I mean, 130 USD is not a small amount for me. Also, when I made my...
  11. Redpossum

    Blue dollar near 400 by end of year, finance guru predicts The usual deal, the banner is in Castellano, and when you click the link, the story will...
  12. Redpossum

    Heading back to BA with renewed visa

    Honestly, the inflation in food prices is starting to pinch, for me. The weird part is, meat prices at my local carnicería are staying the same or going up very slowly, while everything at the Carrefour goes up from one day to the next. Not to mention, I paid rent yesterday, and expensas were...
  13. Redpossum

    What grout cleaner and tub scum cleaner?

    That reaction is a powerful one! If you have one of those good old copper-bottom pans, you can sprinkle baking soda (bicarbonato de sodio) on it, and then spray it with some white vinegar. When you wipe away the pasty result, the bottom of the pan will come amazingly clean. When scrubbing stuff...
  14. Redpossum

    Obesity epidemic in BA

    Cooking at home makes a huge difference. Especially if one uses harina integral instead of white flour, arroz integral instead of white rice, and some sort of brown sugar instead of white sugar. Making your own bread at home is also a major issue. Fresh fruit with breakfast, a big green salad...
  15. Redpossum

    Militancy Day 2022

    Ah, yes, good catch. I always confuse those two.
  16. Redpossum

    Militancy Day 2022

    Certainly your statement above is entirely true. But it implies that only populists do this, and that is not true. Everyone does it. Furthermore, pageantry is one of the few concepts which is equally valid in both military and civilian contexts. Military pageantry is an enormously effective...
  17. Redpossum

    Militancy Day 2022

    Many people feel that way about many different politicians. It was only intended to be a comment on the subject of political pageantry, and the way it is reflected in cinema. Stephen Spielberg borrowed the idea from Leni Riefenstahl's epic propaganda film, Triumph Of The Will, but it is a...
  18. Redpossum

    Militancy Day 2022
  19. Redpossum

    Western Union money transfer

    There are many, many WU offices in BsAs, but the two big ones where (in my experience, YMMV) you have the best chance of enough cash being available are - 1) In the downtown area, on the corner of Cordoba and Montevideo, five blocks west of 9 de Julio. Roughly two blocks east of the Callao stop...
  20. Redpossum

    Amazon purchase