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    Quick Question - The Golden Age For Expats In Ba

    Howdy Long time since I've been on here - I actually moved to Thailand instead of Argentina as everything sounded so bad around 2012. I still have a dream to live in BA, it will happen one day... Anyway, question: When would you guys consider was the "golden age" for expats to live in BA...
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    Internet - Does the area matter?

    Howdy folks Not sure if this is the correct forum but it's kind of related, so... Does it make a difference which area one rents in with regard to high speed and reliable internet? I am still planning on moving to BA at some point but it is essential that I have a constant and reliable...
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    Bringing 3 Computer Monitors to BA....?

    Hi Random sort of question - for my work, I need at least 3 x 23" monitors. I assume that buying these in BA will be ludicrously expensive (could I be wrong?) sending them over will be a total headache, therefore... I guess the only option is to bring 3 with me! Other than just wrapping them...
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    UK citizen wants a US dollar account in Argentina!

    Hi folks OK, I've read a lot of the threads already (a few times) but my situation is slightly different. I am a UK citizen, looking to move to BA in November. I have a couple of US trading accounts (in the US) in US dollars. I would like to be able to transfer those dollars I have already...
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    DNI - what can I do in the UK to get the process started?

    Hi guys and gals I have been reading lots of the threads about DNI etc etc. I can't find the original one I found weeks ago which listed the process - as I am in the UK for the next 6 months, I remember reading that I could get certain things done here before-hand at the Argentinian consulate...
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    What is wrong with the serach feature of

    I have tried to run a search several times for 'DNI' and it says there is nothing! That has got to be BS! Surely this is one the most discussed topics on here! Thanks.
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    Shipping possessions from the UK

    Hi Another question - if it all works out and I do decide to stay longer term in BA, does anyone have any experience of shipping their possesssions to Argentina? Will I have to pay some kind of import tax even though the possessions are already mine and are not for sale? Thanks Matt
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    Best Spanish school in London?

    Hey folks Just wondered if any of you had any tips on great Spanish schools in London? I have 6 months to cram in as much Spanish language before heading out - thanks for your help. Matt
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    Will be in BA 6 months from now!

    Hi guys I am planning on leaving London at the end of the summer and moving to BA medium/long term - when my landlord here informed us that they would be putting our rent up by £300 a month (and that there wasn't much we could do about it) I finally decided it was time to leave and start a new...