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    Can You Pay Overstay Fine At Aeroparque (Aep)

    Does anybody have first-hand experience as to whether one can still pay the overstay fine at AEP on departure? I've asked around and nobody seems to really know for sure. According to the migraciones website (link) one can pay the fine there 24 hours a day. Does anybody know if this is...
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    Will The New Dumpsters Keep The Streets Cleaner?

    I noticed recently on my streets that they placed dumpsters for people to put their trash. These are new; before I just put my trash on the street. I guess this is a new push by Macri and company. I have to say, thank god. A) I can now put my trash out whenever, and B it should help keep...
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    Can I Buy Flights And Pay With Pesos (Cash)?

    I want to take a trip to Brazil r/t from BA. Can I book and pay for a flight using pesos in cash? If so how would I go about that? Thanks!
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    YPF Nationalized

    After months of speculation, Cristina finally pulled the trigger and nationalized YPF. Seems to me this will further isolate Argentina from foreign investment opportunities, not to mention the impact it will have with their relationship...
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    Movistar OUT

    Looks like Movistar ain't working today.
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    How Many Expats Live in Buenos Aires

    Hola chicos. Are there any numbers for how many English-speaking expats live in Buenos Aires? Thanks!
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    SUBE Card - Transit More Expensive for Expats?

    So, with CKK requiring everybody to have a SUBE card I see the next logical step being a graduated fare based on income and/or residency status. So if you are on a tourist visa, your fare might be say 3 times higher than a local. This has not happened yet, but it seems like it could happen in...