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    Metallica concert in January!

    Ok. I am finally tagging along with a guy from office, so not going alone at atleast. :) lpt, I am going for the 'Campos' , I guess its the open area where everyone stands and shouts....might be I dont know about the other seats. Maybe if you see the stadium map, you will get an idea...
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    Metallica concert in January!

    Guys,...Metallica is doing a show in River Plate, Buenos Aires on 21st January, 2010. I really want to go, but need some companions to go along with. If anybody's interested , please post here. We can go as a group and have some fun. Is anybody going for the AC/DC show next week?
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    Expat burger party this Sunday - 10/25

    Thanks, Dave. Please count me in.
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    taking a job in ARG; some advice plz

    Check if you fall in this category and if they can request for exemption of some taxes: "Enterprises contracting foreign scientists, professionals or technicians can request an exemption of social security taxes on these employees if they are contracted for less than 2 years."...
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    Pizza Delivery?

    Los Maestros: 4815-4430 or 4821-4658 Its quite good, try it.
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    Yerba Mate - whats your fav?

    Cruz de Malta is my favorite. Its a bit strong I think, but it gives me the right pep on those sleepy afternoons in office. :)
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    What's the best place to pick up girls??

    Totally agree. Funny piece. :D
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    Writers should read this

    Good quote on the signature, but cannot help thinking that it should be spelt as 'Gandhi'? :)
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    Peanut Butter find!

    I also found Dame Mani in one of the stores in chinatown (Belgrano). But they didnt have the chunky one.
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    England win the Ashes!

    Congratulations to all the English blokes out there...a mighty nice performance by the England Cricket team!
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    Hey NoV...You should try La Viruta. It has some good reviews and my friends have been there. This is the site , (site can be viewed in English too). This is how it works. They have one hour classes in the evening and after that they open their big floor for practice. On...
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    Acai Berries in Argentina?

    I wasn't interested in the powders of course. I was just curious if we can get those fruits somewhere in BA just like blueberries or strawberries.... And I got more than I asked or hoped for..... phew!!!!
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    Acai Berries in Argentina?

    Acai Berry is this new superfruit that's in high demand everywhere in the world. Its grown in parts of South America, Argentine being one. Has anyone spotted it in any of the stores in Buenos Aires?
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    Stores for indian food?

    Try Sabores de la India in the Belgrano Area. The address is Ciudad de la Paz 1739, it is 3 blocks from the subway station Jose Hernandez on Line D. Better to call before going, if you live far away. 4783-3424/4783-1087
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    Indian food

    Tandoor is very average. I really don't see myself repeating. I have tried Kathmandu and their Fish curry was awesome. My veggy friend was not impressed though with his fare. Tulsi is excellent for Indian vegetarian food. But its only open on weekdays. Also, the food is a bit spicy for the...
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    Bad experience with Amazon

    ok. i guess all's well that ends well. here's my story. my package never arrived. i blasted amazon and they gave a total refund. they goofed up there and gave me an additional refund of $50 too. i promptly placed another order , this time with priority shipping ;) it arrived bang before time...
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    Bad experience with Amazon

    Thanks. I ordered 5 books only. When you said customs, where exactly did you go in Buenos Aires? Also, is the name/delivery address enough for them to check if they have the package?
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    Bad experience with Amazon

    I ordered some books from to here in Buenos Aires, in the first week of May thru expedited international shipping. The estimated delivery date was June 8 and my package hasn't arrived yet. The worst part is that I dont even know where it is, as Amazon doesn't provide tracking...