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    Virtual Assistants - Native speaking Germans

    Hi all, here is a freelance job offer as a Virtual Assistant. Due to that it's for a german site native speaking level is a must. WIR SUCHEN FREELANCER my-vpa ist Marktführer für deutschsprachige, hochqualitative Virtuelle Persönliche Assistenz. Als Virtueller Persönlicher Assistent (VPA)...
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    question about withdrawing USD at ATM Colonia

    Hi everybody, a few years back it was possible to withdraw USD at ATMs in Colonia, Uruguay. Almost any bank had the option. Does anyone know if that's still possible? Any info is highly appreciated. Cheers
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    The Herald Is Dead! Long Live The Herald!

    Seems that the English speaking community lost its newspaper after over 140 years. https://www.clarin.c..._ryBycITUZ.html
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    Go-Kart Enthusiasts Out There?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are people here who like Go-Kart Racing and would like to meet once in a while for a race. There are a few circuits in Gran Buenos Aires and Capital which are quite nice. For instance I am meeting with coleagues from work on saturday on a track located in...
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    Experiences Getting Usd At Atms Colonia??

    Hi everyone, has anyone been lately to Colonia and has withdrawn USD with a credit card at an ATM? I wanted to check on that because the last time I went aprox. 3 months ago I faced the situation that many banks are not giving USD with a credit card anymore, e.g. BBVA or Santander. In the past...
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    Looking For English Conversation Partner In Olivos Or Nearby

    Hi everyone, an argentinian friend of mine is looking for a native english speaker as a conversation partner in Olivos or the nearby areas. She has a quite good english level but over the time her language knowledge became a little bit rusty. Could also be something like conversation exchange...
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    Situation Withdrawing Dollars In Colonia?

    Has anyone been to Colonia lately to get Dollars? I'm about to go to get some greens and I was wondering if it still works as usual that the ATMs give you 300 per withdrawal. Thanks in advance for sharing experiences.
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    Looking For A Gardener In Zona Norte/olivos

    Hey folks, I am looking for a decent gardener in zone norte. Basically I need someone to frequently mow the lawn and once in a while cut some plants. Does anyone know someone recommendable? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a lot.
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    Looking For Recommendations On Car Repair Shop In Zona Norte

    Hi everyone, I need to get some maintenance done on my 2010 Gol Trend but unfortunately I have no idea where to go. Does anyone have good experiences with a garage that repairs VW in zona norte, preferibly Olivos or Vicente Lopez? Apart from the usual stuff like oil change I need to have the...
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    Current Situation Atm Colonia?

    hi everyone, has anyone been to colonia in the past days and could comment on how the situation at the atms is? are there still long queues or did they disappear due to the new restricciones? any comments are appreciated. thanks a lot
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    Looking for a jewish restaurant

    I'm looking for a restaurant where they serve jewish cuisine. Can anyone recommend a nice place in Capital and/or Zona Norte? Thanks a lot.
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    Where to watch the Champions League Final on Saturday?

    Hi everyone, I'm still looking for a nice place to watch the Champions League Final between Bayern and Chelsea on the coming Saturday? Is anyone already organizing something or can at least recommend a nice place where you can the game? Cheers