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    Poll: Which will kill more Argentines: the COV-19 Virus or the Quarantine?

    Common sense is to Quarantine the sick.... But Government can't waste a crisis and brought the world economy to it's knees and thought it is a good idea to Quarantine everyone... covid-19 or govt-1984 is an upper respritory cold virus marketed as a global pandemic.
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    $200 Limit Now Includes Card Payments

    I think this is the goal... Depress the private sector so public sector parasites with offshore bank accounts can swoop in and buy Argentinian assets.
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    COVID: Argentina in sixth place

    No one ever says there ore too many fish or sand fleas... Most of the population of Argentina is in BA with vast swaths of fertile land for thousands of miles. You know how many Buenos Aires' that could be built? It's not a zero sum game and realize the "climate change" endgame is...