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    Heading back to BA with renewed visa

    Soooo. What I miss these last 5 months? I haven't kept up on anything lol. But randomly decided to try to renew my visa and it went through.
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    China visa from Chinese embassy in BA

    Does anyone have any experience with the Chinese Embassy here? If possible and if it could be done within a reasonable amount of time I'd like to get a visa to enter China.
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    Entering and exiting Argentina after applying for citizenship prematurely

    I'm trying to determine if I should completely abandon ship, or apply after 1 year. For the people who apply for citizenship early after 1 year of residency, how exactly are they classified while entering and exiting the country? Would you then just turn back to tourist status? Would it be a...
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    Does anything happen to your bank account when residency expires?

    I imagine it would continue and function normally buttttt... this is Argentina.
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    Should you renew residency before applying for citizenship at year 2?

    I was thinking about this. If your temp residency is expiring at the 2 year mark, which I assume is the case for many, whether they had a 2 year visa or already did a renewal, should you have renewed residency before applying for citizenship? I ask that because obviously you would be in expired...
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    Moneygram transfer

    Moneygram will be the closest thing.
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    So this is that famous inflation yall been talking about

    Last night I went to a restaurant that I often eat at and noticed that half the items on the menu raised in price by a whopping 40 percent. Wow! I've never seen anything like that from a "one day to the next" deal.
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    Samsung sellers

    Before I go directly to the Samsung store to buy a new phone, just wanted to try and shop around since it's one of the expensive ones. Is the Samsung store basically my only option? It appears that mercado libre prices match the store.
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    Argentine women are the only thing I really don't like in Argentina.

    I'm going to go ahead and do what we are taught not to do... judge everyone equally bad. After two months I can really give my opinion and say that Argentine women are the absolute worst on the planet. Now I'll admit that this is based on how I am and what I would consider as completely...
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    Buying dollars at official rate

    I'm surprised the banks here sell dollars at the official rate. I know Argentines are limited to 200 USD per month but the government is basically giving them a free 20k pesos per month if they just buy dollars at the official and then turn around and sell them in a cueva for double. A friend of...
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    When was the last time Argentina was expensive?

    I've heard the stories that not so long ago... relatively... it was really expensive here, like Paris levels. Don't know how true that is but I'd like to ask when was the last time Argentina was expensive for foreigners?
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    Buying a car or bike in a neighbor country and driving to Argentina?

    I'd love to buy a Harley or something here.... for American prices. But 0 percent chance I'd pay the markup here. Is it the same situation in the border countries? Has anyone ever investigated whether you could buy bikes and autos at normal American and European prices? And obviously what it...
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    Airbnb in Pesos

    I just checked prices on airbnb using the account of a friend here in Argentina. The prices are listed in Argentine pesos at the oficial rate. That's obviously a giant savings if it worked. On my own account I can't switch to pesos and airbnb says they don't support the Argentine peso. The...
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    Digital Argentine Number?

    Is there an app I can use to get a digital Argentine phone number. Although I have an extra phone I'd rather have everything connected to 1 phone. And I don't plan on changing anything with my current phone setup. If not, and I must activate the other phone, what is the best provider? I only...
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    Patagonia between Christmas and New Years

    I'm thinking about catching a last minute flight to Patagonia that would leave tomorrow. Is everything open or is Argentina like other Latin countries where a lot is shut down and everything is family oriented only during the holiday week? I want to be able to travel around and do hikes without...
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    ID needed for non food purchases?

    So today was the first time I went to buy something other than food or drinks. I was surprised at the requirement to show ID for purchases, even with cash. I myself am a very privacy oriented person and don't really like the idea of having records of every purchase I've ever made in the country...
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    Do banks ask for your ssn?

    As a temp resident without Argentine income I know it's an uphill battle to open an account. But just wondering if the banks here try to get your US SSN if they do work with you.
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    Argentina is very dangerous. I'm rethinking my plans

    I've realized that the chance of me dying of steak and wine overdose has dramatically increased in the last 2 days. These prices are insanely low.
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    which documents to bring for first time DNI appointment?

    I have an appointment this week for the DNI. I have no idea what to bring. The consulate only gave me back my passport and nothing more. And when I made the appointment online it didn't mention any requirements.
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    Gym membership without contract?

    Anyone know of any gyms that don't require a contract. The first couple I saw online seems to have that requirement.