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    Fiesta tonight at the Academy Recoleta!

    Hola todos!, This is Ryan from and Academy Recoleta ( We are having another benefit party tonight and you are invited. We are also listed on the events section for later tonight.We are starting around 8 and should go until 12 or so. I hired live bossa...
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    Fiesta Wednesday in Recoleta Mansion

    Hola,There is going to be a benefit fiesta for local NGO's and non-profits in Argentina at the Academy of Recoleta this Wednesday, March 7th. Admission is free and there will be music, dancing, singles, drinks, and a general love for Argentina. There will also be interviews for the ExpatPodcast...
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    Fiesta @ Academy Recoleta Wed Night!

    Please come to our un-valentine's day party this Wednesday night. Bring as many freinds as you like. We hope to see you soon! Academy Recoleta 1571 Ayacucho (Las heras & Ayacucho in Recoleta) We will have a dj, dancing, wine, food, lightshow, and the spirit of anti-amor. C U There! Phone: 11...
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    September 21st - Benefit Dinner at TEFLocal in Recoleta

    TEFLocal Buenos Aires is the 2006 sponsor for LifeArgentina and will be holding a benefit dinner at the The Academy of Recoleta on September 21st 2006. There will be wine, empanadas, and a small entrance fee in order to help the children and less fortunate in Argentina.Please invite people from...
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    Fiesta Tonight! - Academy of Recoleta 8pm. DJ!!!

    Tonight there is a party at the Academy of Recoleta. We expect about 60 to 100 to get down with our FREE Tango, LIVE dj, GREAT wine, FUN Friends, y mas...Ask for Ceci at 4809.0858 for more info.8 to 12.1571 Ayacucho (N ear Village Recoleta at Ayaucho & Las Heras)
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    Argentina Expat Events Toolbar!!!

    Thanks for compliment!The toolbar has links to the majority of Buenos Aires blogs, news, and event updates such as the BAExpats dinner, and featured sites! Please download this toolbar if you are an Expat living in Argentina.
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    Expat Event in Recoleta July 26th Ayacucho 1571 9pm

    There is going to be a big expat party at the Academy in Recoleta.The address is 1571 Ayacucho pb and the party is at 8 o'clock. There will be wine, empanadas, Argentinians, familiar faces, and newcomers too. -Huge garden-Expat Webcast-Projection Screen Movies indoor theatre (converted dance...
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    Work advice for newcomers

    Hi Eire,I think the best way to find a job is through social networking. Check out the expat tool bar for such opportunities... Suerte!
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    Argentina Expat Events Toolbar!!!

    Hi, This is A.Ryan Thompson, I´m a pretty active expat who a number of you know through different events, blogs, myspace, and what not... In any case, I´ve created an Argentina Expat Events tool bar useful for many reasons.... So GET IT! 1. Daily updates...
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    Connecting Visitors, Expats and Locals

    Hi, just an update to the admin. Jim is alive and well in Buenos Aires, he spun a graduation party at tia's house for his companeros, the students of TEFLocal, and has stuck around BA to this very day. Saludos.Ryan -
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    Free Conversational Spanish

    Hi Nelly, I am also a coordinator of a language school and a language teacher. I would love to join you for your group sometime. I'm glad to hear that there is "no hidden agenda" although that makes me think that you have thought of one before, so now i am skeptical...Anyways, i will try to make...
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    Couch Surfing - Free Place to Sleep

    I would like to see more people sign up and use It is a great service and useful for short stays, we often tell our students about it. Enjoy!Ryan, Host of the Expat