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    Investing in securities

    How do Argentine residents invest in 1) USD inflation-protected bonds like TIPS and 2) mutual funds or ETFs indexed on the S&P 500? I've never heard Argentine friends or family mention small-scale investing, except to deride "betting" on individual local stocks (I agree, individual stocks are...
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    DC couple needs BA counsel?

    I would be concerned about viveza criolla. If you decide to do it that way, be careful and good luck.
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    Documents necessary for citizenship from one parent?

    Glad to hear things are moving. I hope it goes quickly for you!
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    Documents necessary for citizenship from one parent?

    In the end, did you do this?
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    Suggestions needed - what to bring to US

    You already mentioned alfajores, but you can never have too many Cachafaz Chocolate Negro and I've found the supply in Atlanta to be inconsistent (maybe they're always available in NYC).
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    Traditional Argentine Food

    Here are a couple of family favorites from the northeast. Empanadas de choclo are what we make most frequently. Let me know if you want that recipe too. We're in the US and our local Argentinean restaurants are... horrible. Fortunately, there are some great Brazilian places to get their...
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    My Divorce From Argentina

    I am sorry that your wife was put through that. I would definitely ask for help from the Senator or Congressman in whose district you last lived (or one in which you have family). The consular staff at the embassy is there to help you, and by extension, your wife. If you can interest a...
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    Use dollars or ATMs ?

    We were recently in the interior (noreste) on our annual visit to Argentina and found that dollars were in great demand. While we were there in July, people were aware of the blue rate, through the media (news, internet).
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    Forgot to respond to your question about buses. We took Crucero del Norte and it was quite good. From what I saw at the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu, Singer also looks good. 18 hours is a long time to be on a bus. Next time, we'll brave the uncertainty of Argentinean air travel and fly.
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    I agree, it is best to see both sides. The Brazilian side is breathtaking, with a walkway that practically goes into the garganta del diablo and panoramic views (though I haven't been in 17 years). The Argentine side is also breathtaking, with miles of walkways that take you into the falls...
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    Export furniture to U.S.

    Thanks to everyone for replying! We should probably wait until next year, then, to ship the furniture because we won't have time to move the furniture to BsAs & then do all the tramites. Now that I understand the rules a little better, there are 15-20 family heirlooms of mostly sentimental...
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    Export furniture to U.S.

    I'm in the Chaco visiting my wife's family and her parents have offered to give us several pieces of furniture, which probably date from the 1890s. We would like to ship these to the U.S. Are there export controls with furniture, as with art?