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    Housekeeper/Maid Recommendation

    Hello, It's been awhile since there's been a thread about housekeeper recommendations. We are looking for someone to come once a week. I'm looking for someone that's very trustworthy and has a high attention to detail. I'm willing to pay more than the going rate for someone good. Thanks in...
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    US tourist visas for Argentine nationals

    Sergio, It's a pretty difficult process, but it sounds like your friend will be OK. My friend tried 3 times and only succeeded on the last time. Beyond personal ties, they want to see strong economic ties to Argentina. Your friend should prove that they have enough money/opportunity in...
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    Text messaging

    Using an iphone to Argentina I finally got text messaging to work by using the following: 54 9 11 #### ####. Note that I didn't use the "+" in front of the 54 which doesn't work, nor did I use 011, which also didn't work. Also, if you're not calling Buenos Aires, you'll have to replace the 11...