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    bar in recoleta

    Anybody recommend a nice bar/pub in Recoleta where the music's not too loud, it's not too crowded and your likely to get a seat in the evening. (Sorry don't know the area too well) Cheers Michael
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    Question about Colonia Express to montevideo

    Fred - question? Was I asking about: a) the total journey time to Montevideo, including the bus from colonia b) whether the colonia express goes to Colonia If a) does that warrant a sarcy reply?? Cheers for letting me know that the colonia express goes to colonia though!
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    Question about Colonia Express to montevideo

    Hello - I'm travelling to Montevideo next weekend and can't for the life of me find out how long the journey time is from Buenos aires to Montevideo on a Saturday with Colonia Express. It doesn't seem to be anywhere on the website unless I'm being very stupid. If someone happens to know this...
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    Is anyone else a mistreated English teacher?

    Hi Scob - no it isn't necessarily all so bad. You sound like your qualified, you have your head sscrewed on and you have the right attitude. As long as you don't think you're owed a full schedule and your willing to invest an bit of energy at the start getting it together, I wouldn't be put off...
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    Lets be positive people

    Ssr - call it racial discrimination if you want (the term's come to cover nationality and ethnicity, it's not just about skin colour). Semantics aside, calling Argnetines ruthless and dirty, etc. isn't going a bit far - it's out of order. And I don't have any sympathy with someone living here...
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    Lets be positive people

    Mamminger - I'm not sorry your experience here has been negative. I know it’s taboo to ask on this forum but why the hell are you staying in a city where you hate most of the people? Is it there problem is or is it yours? Did someone force you to come here and what’s forcing you to stay? I’m...
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    any English ex-pats.......

    Good choice - I was in there for the saturday game. Would love to join but teaching a class for the entire game, unless I can convince my student to switch her tv on. Michael
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    Tai Chi recommendations

    Saw some people training bagua and ta chi just outside the japanese gardens off avenida libertador. Guy called Gabriel, trains Sundays with a small group, it's either 4 or 5 pm. Should be very easy to spot them. Michael
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    Rusty English Lecturer / ESL Teacher from Perth who is thinking BA would be good :-)

    Stop – do not come here. You WILL become the victim of multiple crimes. Furthermore if you are female, blond, Swedish (and able to wind up gullible male forum members), you will be lynched in the street. Sorry, I hadn’t seen a post like that on this thread so I thought it best to keep the...
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    Didnt think id ever say this.....I NEED FRIENDS

    Hi I'm heading to the Gibraltar pub in San Telmo about 9.30pm tonight to meet up with a couple of people from this forum and the couch surfing group. If anyone fancies coming along let me know. My mobile's: 1532556053 Cheers Michael
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    Barbaro Hair cut

    I can recommend a very cheap hair dresser in villa crespo who gave me a shaved head with a mullet. When I realised what he'd done and went back in, he even shaved the back of my neck for free.
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    Didnt think id ever say this.....I NEED FRIENDS

    There is a Gracie academy and this school: I checked a smallish gym on avenida Julian Alvarez one block down if your walking from santa fe which looked ok to my untrained eye. (Know nothing about ground martial...
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    Didnt think id ever say this.....I NEED FRIENDS

    Hi Shaun - got here a month or so ago myself from London and teaching English. There are a lot of people in the same boat, myself included, so I wouldn't worry. I'm also into my martial arts but am putting it on a back burner for the next few months. There seem to be tonnes of gyms around the...
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    Jewish Life?

    Hi Moonwitch - I think he said he was interested in volunteering or in participating in Jewish activities. He didn't say he only wanted to mingle with Jews. I thought your comment was a bit nasty but maybe I'm misreading it. What's the problem?
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    Polo today, at 4pm?

    Anyone fancy going to see the polo today? Free entry, Campo Argentino de Polo, starts at 16.00 and some people meeting up at 15.30 outside. Let me know if your interested and we can meet up. Michael
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    asado anyone?

    Hi Howard - count me in. Cheers Michael
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    Under 30?

    aged 31, this thread is starting to depress me
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    Would anyone be interested in a fiction writers group?

    Yes, I'll be there (although ref the book swap I am currently bookless).
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    Expats meet up this Friday night

    cheers for organising this Howard
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    New Englishman arrived last week

    another londoner here, a weekend pint sounds good