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    De-Register Dni Extranjero

    Up til now did not get any precise contct, only that Dirección de Radicaciones, Dpto. de Asesoramiento al Migrante, Dirección Nacional de Migraciones seems to be responsible and that they need your full name, birthday and a copy of your passport originated country. And to look up that link...
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    De-Register Dni Extranjero

    I am a parent of an Argentinean citizen. Its a permanent and comes in plastic. Yes, migraciones already got an email, will share their answer with you guys, and the embassy told me that I will need to do in person in Argentina. Which is actually hard to believe for me. As for Argentines abroad...
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    De-Register Dni Extranjero

    Does someone hold the link where to look up your dni on the internet? Thanks!!
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    De-Register Dni Extranjero

    Its Argentina, but there must be one official answer somehow, no? Whom to ask Renaper or migraciones?
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    De-Register Dni Extranjero

    Hello everybody, I just learned that once you move out of Argentina you will need to de-register your dni as otherwise you keep a residency over there. For some reason I wish to have things in order and de-register my dni extranjero. how and where can I do that? I would appreciate any help...
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    Selling Children's Clothings

    did so!
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    Selling Children's Clothings

    hello, i am selling a few children's items. used, but in a good state: contact: [email protected] cheers, lexi
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    International Family Lawyer

    Dear all, I am looking for a lawyer who has some experience in international family law. Would be very happy, if someone could recommend someone to me. Best, Lexi
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    Bringing Goods After Getting Residency

    hello, i got my residency and wish to bring in a container of all my household. plus perhaps a car. how long after getting my residency will that be possible? anyone had any experience recently and might be able to even recommend a company? thanks!! lexi
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    Pesos Uruguay

    Anyone has by chance some leftover Pesos Uruguay and wishes them to exchange for Pesos Argentinos? Please PM me! thanks\Lexi
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    Want To Buy: Child Seat For Bikes

    I am looking to buy a child seat for bikes. Any offers?
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    Maclaren Stroller

    hello, Wanted: Maclaren seat liner, cup holder, organiser. Anyone selling perhaps? best, lexi
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    meeting at migracion!

    ah, and the photos need to have a white background, not blue as it used to waiting of 1h for me. cut this long waiting line, go directly to the desk and tell them that you are non-mercasur and they will send you to the opposite desk, after taking your fingerprints, where you will get...
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    In Buenos Aires with a baby

    Wondering, if anyone is based perhaps in Chacarita/Villa Crespo? I have a 4 month old baby girl... Cheers, Lexi
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    Getting a new DNI / Cedula

    About 2 month ago I applied for permanent residency and now, checking my status, it says "Enviado a CENTRO DE DOC. Y ARCHIVO" - does anyone know, how long I approximately will have to wait now? Hence, they spoke of only 3 weeks...yes, I know, its Argentina still... Thanks!
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    Mums in Chacarita/V.Crespo

    ...or dads...
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    Prices on pedicures, waxing, hair cut etc.

    ray is really nice. would recommend him! forwaxing legs, armpit, eyebrows I pay 50-60php,but she is located in Almagro. Pm me,if you need her contact.
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    Mums in Chacarita/V.Crespo

    Any mothers in Chacarita or V.Crespo who are eager to get together? I know a lot in Palermo/Belgrano/Recoleta, which sometimes for a quick visit to the park is a bit far away... I have a 4-month old... Cheers, Lexi
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    English and German speakers for translation projects

    I am looking for English-German and German-English translators to help me out a bit with my own translations. Interested? Please send me a pm!
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    flying europe > buenos aires

    hi, anyone flying europe > buenos aires within the next couple of weeks? ...I would have a document to be taken to baires and feel not very comfortable sending it as a letter... best, lexi