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    Returning Next Week

    I am flying back into Buenos Aires next week. If you need something brought in send me a PM. I've been in Australia so no USA Peanut butter requests!
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    Aerolineas Cancels Australia Route

    A bummer for all the Aussies and Kiwis. No more competition on this route. Just leaving Qantas and LAN flying non stop, or a long journey the other way around the world.
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    Bring Bike As Oversized Luggage Into Ezeiza

    A friend brought in a new bike that he was using to do some bicycle touring. Unfortunately he had left the tags on the bike that showed it had not been used and it was still wrapped up in the brand new box. He had to pay a stupid amount of money to Customs to get the bike in as they used some...
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    Empty Bars And Restaurants

    nounou - I tried to change pesos in australia as well a few months ago. Travelex refused and stated it was because thy couldnt sell them on. American Express did exchange but only the crisp, non damaged, no marked 100 peso notes. Nothing else. American express also said it was because whoever...
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    Need Anything Brought In?

    I am not in North America so cant pick up anything from US households but I can source most things - I am flying back to BsAs from Sydney, Australia. Not sure if there is Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut butter but I could pick up another similar brand if you are craving it.
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    Need Anything Brought In?

    I am flying back to Buenos Aires next week. if you are needing anything brought over let me know as I have some spare space in my suitcase.
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    Rugby - Argentina v Australia

    I have two spare tickets for this weekend's sold out Rugby match - Pumas vs Wallabies. Great seats - middle of the ground Row 15. Cost AR$350 for one or AR$650 for both. I can deliver the tickets to anywhere in capital federal. PM me if interested.
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    Do you need anything brought to Argentina?

    I am returning to Buenos Aires in mid August and have some spare space in my suitcase. So if you need anything brought to Argentina from the Australia / New Zealand part of the world please send me a PM to get in touch.
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    Attempted Robbery on the subte

    I have lived in BA for a few years and tend to think myself rather alert. Some friends were visiting so I was taking them around the obligatory tourist sites. One has a bit of a caffeine addiction so she needed to get a quick coffee before we headed into San Telmo Sunday market. Whilst she was...
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    No dollar purchases (for locals) unless travelling abroad?
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    The Fernando Carrera case (Innocent guy vs. cops, Justice,...)

    The Rati Horror show was on Cablevision on the weekend - Great movie / documentary , Spanish language skills required. It will probably be repeated throughout the month (as most cable movies are). 24 news channel was covering his release last night but I didn't see it anywhere else. Incredible...
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    disposal of batteries/recycling

    Great site to locate where you can recycle your used goods
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    Some expat observations

    Thousands of Argentines that moved to Spain in the early 2000 are returning to Argentina, not just the second generation argentines born abroad. Of course they are not expats but they believe the opportunities here are much better than Spain.
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    Hi from a Dutch girl!

    Yes Friday 27th April. The actual day is Monday but celebrations will start early, and a good way to start the extra loooooooooooong weekend
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    Hi from a Dutch girl!

    Queens Day will be celebrated at Gibraltar (Peru 895, San Telmo) on Friday night. Wear something Orange!
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    Hi from a Dutch girl!

    Hey Nicole, There is a Queens Day Dutch party being organised at the moment by a few Dutch expats. I will let you know the details when it has been confirmed. Everyone is welcome, as long as they are wearing Orange!
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    postage Costs

    Assuming your letter arrives, Argentina is the 9th most expensive country in the world to post a letter (adjusted for cost of living). BBC link
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    Parrilla Rental

    Click on my name or go to my profile and click PM. I cant to you as perhaps you are too new? Not sure....
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    Parrilla Rental

    What date do you need the space?
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    Run / walk with the BAHHH crew

    The annual Red Dress Run is on this weekend - Saturday 14th. Everyone is welcome for this random chance to fulfill your fantasies of running through Buenos Aires in your finest red dress (guys included!) Full details on the website.