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    Huge Apt Sale this Week!

    An Everything Must Go sale, by appointment only: women's clothing shoes and boots jewelry from all over the world kitchen things: plates, bowls, cubiertas, and much more... an antique screen from Japan - double sided - gorgeous an antique carpet from Argentina an antique rug from Salta ...and...
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    Massive home sale

    Everything must go!!! Furniture (beds, couches, chairs, cabinets, etc) Kitchenware Art Artifacts CDs Books Plants Clothing Plants and more... Dec 17th and 18th 14:00 - 19:00 Rivadavia 1645 apt 92, 9th floor Congresso, Buenos Aires 15 5771 9183
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    Need Blog Optimized!

    Hi there - is there anyone out there who can help me with Ad Sense on my blog? Am getting hits, but not making $ - know there's something askew, but don't know how to fix!! Thank you!
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    Need Show Biz Lawyer

    Hello! I am looking for a lawyer who will work pro bono! I have a few contracts written that need looking over to make sure nothing is missing for a start-up television project. If you are that person, or if you know anyone, I would be so grateful if you would get in touch with me as soon...
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    Looking for Media Expert

    Hi - is there anyone out there involved in media exposure? I have an upcoming Web TV project that will need promotion in every facet possible. Looking for a reasonable budget to present to potential investors. Thank you! Michele Kadison [email protected]
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    Actress in Buenos Aires

    Hi - there are agencies here that look for English speaking actors - I think you should be able to look them up online. You might want to go through the lot and drop a line to each with your info. A lot of British, Canadian, and N American companies shoot here because its cheaper, so you're...
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    Can it be? Great restaurant dining in Bs. As.

    Great to get these recommendations from you all! Here are some of my favorites (I'm a native Manhattanite, living here 8 years as well...) DaDa - San Martin 941 Bar Uriarte - Uriarte 1572 Olson - Gorriti 5870 Sr Telmo - Defensa 756 (good pizza) Artemesia - Cabrera 3877 (there's another one...
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    Salta hostel or hotel recommendation

    I'm also looking for a hostel for when I go in July - anyone have ideas about something nice with private rooms? also in Tilcara and Purma Marca... thanks!!
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    Bilingual Business Person needed for Creative Project

    Need bilingual business person (Spanish/English) with energy and passion to help represent exciting and innovative creative project (stars attached) at pitch meetings. please contact: [email protected]
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    New Koreatown: Markets & Restaurants (suggestions + pics)

    I went there on a super spice exploration and though found it to be totally interesting wrote a little something about my experience in the barrio - check it out:
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    Need Help Maximizing Blog Site

    Hi there - I need someone to help me get more exposure for my site! As I understand nothing about html, pings, and all the rest, I need someone to give me that leg up for more traffic. Thanks! MK
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    Need Biz Help on CD/Multi Media Project

    Looking for someone with knowledge of music business or with general business saavy to help launch exciting CD/Multi Media project: Argentina and global. Already have “stars” attached. Must be here in Buenos Aires and bi-lingual English/Spanish. please contact: [email protected]
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    Looking for the best soul/r&b/funk musicians for local band (buenos aires)

    Check out the musicians at Macena Bar on sunday nights, which is funk and soul night... really good. You'll probably want to play there, if you don't know about it already. Fitz Roy 1519
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    Human Growth Hormone?

    Make sure you do your research if you do find it... a lot of the formulas here are not the same as in other countries...
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    Apple Cider Vinegar

    There seem to be no organic brands of apple cider vinegar anywhere - I've checked the best dieteticas as well as stores in Barrio Chino - if anyone has found an organic brand, please spread the news!!!
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    Partner on Animation Project

    Hi, I am working on an animation project along with Mark Myers, a prominent Hollywood writer and producer and Francesca Lasarte, a brilliant illustrator. We are pitching our show in the US and elsewhere and need a 4th partner to help us with Flash or Graphic Motion material. R You need to be...
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    Need website expert

    Hi there - I have all my website material on a DVD that needs to be placed on my actual site. Anyone out there able to help me? Thanks! [email protected]
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    Tap Water

    I've been living here for 6 years - the tap water is fine, though it is not that tasty. I used to buy those big blue jugs from companies that say they contain filtered water, but found that the taste is not that different from the tap. Now I boil water, place it in a large pitcher with a...
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    looking for a certified accountant

    Hi - I need a certified accountant to do the last bits before I go for my permanent visa. Does anyone know of someone who knows what they're doing and affordable? thanks!
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    PC Girl Needs Help with Mac!

    Having problems transferring music from my Ipod to Itunes on my mac (given to me by a friend and has his songs on Itunes) .. downloaded Senuti and another program, but they don't allow for more than 100 or so songs. Probably need to transfer from my Sony hard drive? Right now I can't upload...