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    Hard To Find/expensive Products From The States

    If you are a coffee drinker, and you are specific about the brand or type, bring a few pounds of your preference. I am a Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla fan, and I bring a few bags of it down from the U.S. with me every time. Same for teas, if you have a specific herbal blend you like. Also -...
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    Looking For Argentine Bands Recommendations

    Onda Vaga They are not trance or electronic rock at all, but as far as I recall, no accordians are used. They are all from BA and in their late 20s and early 30s, so definitely not jubilados :)
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    They Let Me In! - Trip Back Report

    I flew in the morning of Dec. 26 on the LAN flight from Miami, complete with work computer, iPad, iPhone (work one) an older iPhone (sold it to my sister in law) and a brand new iphone 6, still in the box. Aduana scanned my bags, but waved me right through, no questions.
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    Tampons Shortage Alert ...

    I feel like that perception went out of favor in the US in the by the early 80s (or late 70s?) in the US. I never heard that as a child (and I had a Catholic upbringing), except as a joke about how uneducated or backwards some people were. I wonder why that idea still hasn't fallen out of...
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    Argentine Idioms.

    Ponder huevos (to be courageous) Hecho una piltrafa (looking rough, almost homeless) Una pinturita (looking very nice) Torrar (to sleep)
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    Tampons Shortage Alert ...

    I have used a different version of the moon cup for 15 years now - so much easier to use than the other options, and so much better for the environment. Interestingly, my Argentine sister-in-law asked me to bring her a moon cup from the US, and one for her sister as well. It never occurred to...
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    Pan Dulce Don't You Think The Prices Are A Bit Crazy?

    The issue is that most Argentines are earning pesos, not dollars. AR$200 is an awful lot of money to spend on a traditional (non luxury item) dessert for most Argentines. Let's think about in a simple day-to-day living type of comparison. In NYC, a round trip on the subway costs US$5...
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    Pan Dulce Don't You Think The Prices Are A Bit Crazy?

    I found Panettone in a high end supermarket on the Upper East Side of NYC today for US$25, which made me think that AR$200 was a bit too much, considering how overpriced NYC supermarkets can be! I personally dislike both Panettone and pan dulce, but since we are hosting an group of Argentines...
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    Hoping To Go To Business School

    Hi Michelle, I can't help all that much in this topic, but I can tell you that my Argentine husband has a degree from La UBA in Economics. He did very well at La UBA. He then went on to get a Masters in Finance at San Andres, which he thought was a strong and well respected program, but not...
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    Us Embassy Warning On Crime In Argentina

    My husband is from a different part of La Boca, and he has told me expressly not to wander in that area. The one time I ignored that warning, I wound up phoning him from the police station with my two English friends, after they had been removed of their phones and cameras. I ran quicker they...
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    Back In New York.......

    Welcome home, Dave! I have appreciated the mountains of advice you have offered on this forum over the years. I am also back home in NY right now, and I hope your re-entry to NY life goes as smooth as mine did!
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    Short Term Opportunity For Us Attorneys!

    Actually, many Argentines take the NY bar exam. They typically finish their law degree at La UBA, and then get a masters of law (LLM) at a US university, which qualifies them for permission to take the NY bar exam. I typically see more Brazilians and Peruvians sitting for the exam, but...
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    Short Term Opportunity For Us Attorneys!

    I'm looking for US attorneys (preference to those licensed in NY, but open to other jurisdictions) to do some quick contract work over the next two weeks. The work is answering questions submitted by law students to our firm, which helps them prepare for the for the NY bar exam at the end of...
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    Lunch In La Boca

    Take a cab. Myself and two friends were mugged walking those three blocks on our way back to El Caminito after our lovely lunch. We took a cab there, but thought, "well, it's just three blocks, what could happen?" The answer - my friends were physically assaulted, pushed up against brick wall...
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    Industria Argentina , Is There Anything That Doesnt Break?

    Oster / Sunbeam products are still made in the US (Mississippi) and Mexico.
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    Wedding Reception In Ba - Looking For Ideas

    Hi Ladies and Gents, Thanks again for everyone's contributions - we investigated them all! Just wanted to give everyone a quick (but long overdue) update... We checked out almost all of the recommendations provided, and after visits and taste tests, we went with Club Sirio-Libanes in...
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    What Are Nice Gifts To Bring Porteño Friends?

    My Argentine sister-in-law, visiting us in NY this week has fallen in love with: -Nutter Butter cookies -All the different flavors of US chewing gum -Candy - Wonka / Hershey, dark chocolate -All the baby products (bottles, pacifiers, etc.) -Anything from the GAP - Bonus points if it says "GAP"...
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    Industria Argentina , Is There Anything That Doesnt Break?

    People *may* spend a lot of unnecessary money on a Vitamix blender, but most people (who are not professional chefs) do not. Instead, most people in the US probably buy a Kitchen Aid, or a lower quality Oster, or something along those lines. A quick glance online shows me that at Fravega...
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    Recommendations Needed For Hairstylist / Make Up For Wedding

    Hey Ladies, I'm getting married in a few weeks (in Recoleta) and am in need of recommendations for someone who can style hair and do the makeup for both my wedding and for the test beforehand. Any suggestions you have are appreciated. I speak fairly good castellano, so I am am comfortable with...
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    Wedding Reception In Ba - Looking For Ideas

    Thanks again everyone! Appreciate the leads, and we have now sent many emails to places to get quotes. Any ideas on what the per person cost at Brisas del Plata, Barolo, Quintana, Gran Cordoba, Milion, etc., may run? So many websites have out of date info (or none at all) on what the price...