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    No Gas In Our Building For The Next Three Months!

    Sorry it's happening to you. Aside from the days without power, weeks without internet, I remember having no gas for 4-5 months through the late fall, winter and early spring for the same reason. An old man in the building actually died because there was no heat, no hot food, drink or water...
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    Thoughts After Finally Throwing In The Towel And Leaving Ba

    What wonderfully huge beasts. Actually the airlines cannot discriminate. Most have a policy relocating or bumping the passenger beside you if the animal needs more footspace. Heck, miniature horses are even accepted. Emotional support giraffe anyone?
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    Thoughts After Finally Throwing In The Towel And Leaving Ba

    I left BA a few months ago in a chain of events that saw me be ripped off by my landlord, by the taxi driver that carried me to the airport, by the government with their 20% travel surcharge on tickets and luggage fees, by the airline with luggage fees, by SENASA, by the central bank who refused...
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    Slim Fast

    Watch out for that yogurt...
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    Back Home To Estados Unidos.

    Please take Cristina, Moreno, Kicillof and Moyano to start. You may need to make a second trip.
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    Why Is Dollar Blue Trending Down?

    Not really, Cristina calls herself a lawyer too.
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    Why Is Dollar Blue Trending Down?

    Although I do like skiiing and especially back-country telemarking, I have no idea what your point is.
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    Why Is Dollar Blue Trending Down?

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    Why Is Dollar Blue Trending Down?

    but according to Bajo, as long as it stays above 50 USD, everything's A OK Dynaaaamite! Because it was brought in tax free. Of course the moral aspect is immaterial. It doesn't matter if the money came from drug profits, child porn, sexual enslavement.....Hey man, you know, whatever works...
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    Why Is Dollar Blue Trending Down?

    What's the minimum to obtain a CEDIN? I'd buy THAT for a, seriously, now that I'm only a few weeks from fleeing this idiocy for good, I'd like to have something in my wallet to show everyone at parties what a joke this country has become (aside from the whor- Evita denominated 100...
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    Cheap Flights To Ba / Region

    Thanks for the link. What an incredible site. I just downloaded and installed the iPhone app and I have to say it's the best travel app I've ever seen. Thanks again.
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    Football Star Lionel Messi Accused Of €4M Tax Fraud

    So evidently, you can take the boy out of Argentina but not Argentina out of the boy.
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    Another Fatal Train Accident - Many Injuries.

    The only pendulum swing here is a combination of incompetence, ineptitude, aparthy and curruption and a WORSE combination of the same.
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    Connecting Macbook Pro To Tv

    Is there an option to switch the input source? On my Samsung, I have to change the source from TV (if I'm using straight cable or from HDMI if I'm going through Cablevision's box) to PC.
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    No More Western Union To The Us And Delta Restricts Sales

    And you can't do that because you can't pull the money you'd need from the ATM in said foreign country to buy that ticket...
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    No More Western Union To The Us And Delta Restricts Sales

    Yes it took me awhile to figure this out since it's a poorly written article. Nikad is correct...this screws those argetines who are abroad. They can't travel between cities/countries. I'd be amazed if I wasn't already so numbed to the constant disappointment and stupidity of this government...
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    Where`s The Beef ?

    Add some deep-fried GMO potatoes to that and you got yerself a good ol' americun meal right there son!
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    What Is Edenor Costing You?

    Las Canitas and I have no subsidy. I just asked the portero and he claims it's normal but I'm so skeptical of everything here.
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    What Is Edenor Costing You?

    I live in a 42 m2 apartment and am still surprised to find that Edenor costs me between 350-380 pesos/month (which I think is excessive). I'd like to know what others are paying for a similar sized apartment with and without a subsidio. Thanks.
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    Shipping Pets Requires A Private Company? Is This True?

    Thanks all. An update...upon further investigation, some people in the cargo department say it's not a law and others say it is...the ones that say it is law, claim that a agent or broker must be used when shipping fido via cargo. The ones that say it is not law have mentioned that it's up to...