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    Sunday's River game

    I read today that there will be 2,200 police officers at the game Sunday (for comparison, there were 1,200 at the Superclasico). I think it will turn really ugly if things aren't going River's way. I'm not sure the match will last the full 90 minutes, but we'll see...
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    If you're desperate to watch USA-Panama, check out the Concacaf website, which streams all the matches (legally). Here it is: You have to register, but it's free and has a good quality stream as well.
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    Looking for an English teacher

    I should also have mentioned: Pay is 35 pesos/hour. The 15 hours are spread out M-F, mainly in the morning, and my boss is looking for someone to take all my hours. Depending on how long you can commit to the job, there may be an option to add several more students. My boss is looking for...
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    Looking for an English teacher

    I'm looking for an English teacher to replace me starting in June. I work for a small institute and meet one-on-one with adult students in their offices in Microcentro and Puerto Madero. Classes are just conversation, as all students also meet with an Argentine grammar teacher, and last one...
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    stairs for workout?

    The hill across Av. Libertador from Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes has some stairs that are pretty decent. Probably more Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) than Rocky I-IV...but they still get the job done. I'm not sure if the park/plaza has a name, but it's directly across from the reflecting pool next...
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    Book Sale

    Hey everyone, I've accumulated a few too many books during my time here, and I'd like to sell some. All books are paperback, and are in newish condition unless specified otherwise. $10 pesos per book, or $25 pesos for three books. This is what I'm selling: Best of Lonely Planet Travel...
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    A K Q J 10, Poker?

    Just saw this thread...if you guys play again, I'd love to join! Let me know if there's a spot.
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    BOCA Game Question

    I think only the final of Copa America will be played in BA...I'd say good luck getting tickets to that, even if Argentina don't make it. 3 or 4 games will be at the new stadium in La Plata. The schedule is posted on the official website and wikipedia.
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    BOCA Game Question

    Did you end up making it to the game? If you did, care to share your experience getting tickets?
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    Resume Photo

    I don't think you need to pay to have this professionally done. From my impression, the picture you put on your resume should be like a passport photo (just your head and shoulders with a plain background). I'm not sure why exactly you'd need a professional to do this. Set up a digital camera...
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    Big trouble help!!!

    This is a hilarious image (now that everything is okay)! Bill, I was going to post that I've had plenty of painting experience and would be happy to give you a hand...then I read the whole thread and it appears that you've already solved your problem! Maybe you should open the wine from now on...
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    my experience getting brazil tourist visa in buenos aires

    If there were a BAexpats hall of fame, this post should be in it! Thanks so much for the information. I got my Brazilian tourist visa today, and it was very simple thanks to the original post (I'm also from the US). The visa cost $589 pesos and the lady said it lasts for 10 years. I think...
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    Velez-San Lorenzo

    I was also at the game today, my first experience with Argentine soccer. I have never seen the level of passion that both teams' supporters showed up until the game was stopped. It is tragic that the passion turned to violence so quickly. It seemed to me, even from the beginning, that the...
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    March Madness

    Sugar on Costa Rica in Palermo and El Alamo on Uruguay are the go-to bars for American sports. I slightly prefer Sugar, but both are okay.
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    Tanslation help: soccer

    Yeah I'm from the US. I've played soccer...sorry football since I was five. I would've thought there would be a more dramatic term for own goal than "gol en contra." Too bad.
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    Tanslation help: soccer

    "Own goal" is definitely used in American English. I don't think there is any other term that can replace it. I did not expect the translation to be from British English to American English! Does anyone know how to say "own goal" in Spanish? I guess it would be the opposite of a golaso...
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    Here's the link for Always: At Always, I paid 900 pesos for 6 months. The monthly price is definitely more expensive, but I'm not sure what it is. I went to Alfa for 3 months. I would strongly suggest testing out a few pieces of their equipment before signing up...
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    Barnaby, gyms here "require" that you take a physical before you can use the gym. Some enforce this more than others. I went to a gym for three months without ever taking a physical, but my new one was more strict about it and made me get one right away. I would recommend Always Club on...
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    anyone want to go to River vs velez game??

    I'm curious about the price as well. It may be too late for me since the game is this weekend, but I'd like to go to another game sometime.
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    Anyone been to a football/soccer game at Velez?

    Howard, such a roller coaster game. Hopefully Velez continues playing these amazing games---then I won't have a hard decision! It took me a little while to warm up to Argentine/South American soccer because I wasn't familiar with many of the players at first, but I love how unpredictable and...