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    Argentina A Wasted Decade Or A Wasted Century.

    Argentina a wasted decade or a wasted century?. 1:01 PM John Boyle Its so hard to cram the history of the last century in Argentina into a short story so many things have happened and the country keeps repeating the same mistakes and refusing to move on. To pick the moment of the...
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    Why Still No Buenos Aires-Colonia Bridge?

    The channel tunnel connects the uk almost 60 million people to Europe and over 300 million people. It has a huge potential customer base, and yet it cost a fortune and is still not making money. This bridge to nowhere would cost an arm and a leg and serve very few people.
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    Business Idea: Luggage Storage Service

    There is which is part of myspaceba and bataxis . So they cover luggage storage, apartment rentals and airport transfers. Plus they have been around along time so they are well established.
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    To run the 30km race next month people can sign sign a disclaimer. See below. Nike shafted almost 3000 runners for no valid legal reason. • La entrega de kits se realizará en lugar a confirmar, únicamente el día sábado 12 de julio de 2014 en el horario de 9,00 a 20,00 horas. • A cada...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    Thorsten 29% is a hell of a lot of no shows and slow runners they allowed over 3 hrs for people to run the course. They did not fuck up a couple of runners ,it was almost 3000. More than $600,000 Pesos. In the Baires half marathon 5 weeks earlier this was not an issue and nobody was refused a...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    The results show that 7114 people finished the race. This is on numerous websites. The race had a capacity of 10,000 and was sold out. Does that mean that 29% of people just slept in. I have been here ten years and run many races and signed many disclaimers which is what normally happens in...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    Dirt boy the shirts are usually quite good and the medals are great if you have kids.
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    Bradly i went on Saturday to get the kit. I was rejected for no medical cert (first time in more than 20 races) my friend who had the medical cert on the correct piece of paper was rejected because he did not have a photo copy of the first 2 pages of his Dni. At he end of the day we were only...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    Some races they ask for it and others not .But always you could sign a disclaimer. On the one occasion that I got a medical cert it cost me $300 pesos and the organisers did not ask for it. No I am not looking to sue and am not even demanding a refund. I have more than 20 medals for races I...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    PS Thank you dirt Boy but I already lots and lots of medals from other races that I have run with out an problems.
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    Many races say you need a medical cert. The Buenos Aires half and full marathon for example. Then they just ask you to sign a disclaimer if you don't have one. Many people had medical certs but did not have the nike form stamped by their doctor so were rejected. My friend had the cert but did...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    After the runners have gone through all the bottles are cleaned up. Its the same in every city in the world not just Buenos Aires. As I was driving home I saw the bottles being cleared up. 21km I a long distance and you take on liquid at many stages. Nobody is expected to carry several plastic...
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    We Ru(I)N Buenos Aires 2014

    When a large company like Nike say they are going to arrange a half marathon in Buenos Aires you assume that you are dealing with a serious company that will put on a good show. I booked online along with 10,000 others paying $220 pesos for the privilege of pounding the streets of Buenos Aires...
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    How Do I Ship Two Bags Of Luggage To The Us

    I have tried UPS they can't do it i tried American airlines at eze and they suggested American cargo and they can't do it. They all say the aduana won't allow it. Tomorrow i will try Coreo Argentina after all they are the postal service so if they can't post it god knows who can.
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    How Do I Ship Two Bags Of Luggage To The Us

    People i know were travelling Argentina and received terrible news from home. They took a flight from bariloche to Aep and did not even have time to collect the luggage before making the last AA flight of the day back to the states. So the two bags are now with me. I have been to UPS but they...
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    Kicillof Has A Bad Day - And He Deserves It!

    He does deserve it but not in front of children
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    1 week in, kids are struggling

    San Isidro and Martinez are great places to live with loads to do and definetely a much better enviroment for kids.
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    Can I buy reales in the bank?

    The simply answer i no you can't . You are unable to buy any foriegn currencys. Except on the black market. The gov has done pretty well at closing almost every loophole. Usually you could find away around things but in this case no.
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    Argentine Football at Argentine Prices Tigre Vrs Estudientes

    Anyone fancy going to watch Tigre vrs Estudientes de la Plata on Monday evening. I know everyone wants to see Boca or River but its day light robbery getting the tickets. At Tigre you pay on the day at the stadium. $60 pesos adults $40 pesos Adult females and about 20 pesos for kids. I am a...
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    Flight connection at Aeroparque - Can I make it?

    I would suggest have a taxi driver waiting for you and hope for the best. traffic will be very bad . If you are waiting on the tienda leon bus you are screwed.