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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Looks like my Halifax Clarity Mastercard (it's a UK credit card) is still just charging at official rate and not then refunding the difference to get back to MEP. Is there anyone who's still finding they aren't getting MEP rate (or close) on their non-Argentinian cards?
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    Is return ticket required to enter?

    Vivaair insisted when I was flying from CDMX via Medellín to EZE yesterday. I'd already got a Best Onward Ticket thing for $10, as they'd dropped this requirement on my husband two weeks before. Some airlines seem to really like their trámites. At EZE, immigration just looked at my passport...
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    Where to select the monthly package I want on Personal Mobile?

    Hi all, I'll be returning to Argentina for a few months and I'm restarting my Personal mobile account. I seem to remember that there used to be lots of good monthly PAYG packages hidden somewhere in the app, but now I see only two options - one of which is recurring (which I'd rather avoid)...
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    That would be great!
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Thanks. I pushed through a test on a Mastercard debit card that has no commission and uses the mid, if anyone's interested. Numbers are against sterling. Paid ARG700 to top up my Personal mobile account on the 10th January. Was immediately charged at £3.22 - a rate of which matched the official...
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    Foreign credit cards purchases at MEP rate

    Hey, anyone know where I can see what the current MEP rate is? No problem findinig either blue or official, but want to see a precise MEP value.
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    January in BA?

    Hi all, how bad is the weather in BA in January? I remember someone telling me to make sure I rented in either North or South as one electricity company was so much better, so the air con wouldn't fail. Long story, I'm planning a big trip and will be in CDMX before so could hang back there if...
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    Anyone interested in looking after a puppy that was hurt in an accident?

    My friend Florcita is a vet and they've had a puppy that's been injured abandoned. He's not walking properly. They've started treatment but they're looking for a temporary home where he can heal. If you're interested Florcita's number is +54 9 11 6802-7444 We'd do it ourselves but we left BA a...
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    Reclaiming IVA on leaving the country

    Hi, I keep being told by Argentinians that I'm able to reclaim my IVA costs when I leave the country if I've filled out lots of forms and kept my receipts. It seems...
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    What's the cheapest pharmacy?

    Thanks for that. Is there a way to see what the price should be in advance, maybe online? Don't want to be gringo taxed.
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    What's the cheapest pharmacy?

    When I've been in other countries there's been a surprisingly large difference in the proce in different pharmacies. I'll be getting a prescription today (no insurance, all done privately), where should I go?
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    How to prescriptions work at the moment?

    Hey, does anyone know if you need to get a physical paper copy of a prescription at the moment? I'm trying to arrange to a private appointment but not clear if I need to actuallly meet them or if video calls and emails still work.
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    Is the city very quiet at the moment?

    Wondering what that's due to. Obviously it's cold and there's a worldwide recession on the horizon, nevermind the Argentina specific problems, but over the last week or two I've noticed a lot of restaurants and cafes seem very very quiet. Was in a bar last night (Tuesday) at 8.30pm in Palermo...
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    Moneygram transfer

    Thanks - this is exactly right. I got as far as getting the US version onto my phone but then it wouldn't accept my UK debit card. Might see if I can figure out a way around that (don 't have an Argentinian account, just want to have the cash, so Moneygram doesn't work)
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    Western Union money transfer

    Any reason I can't get the discount code to work? Seems like the error code doesn't make any sense?
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    Alternatives to Centro Rossi?

    Hey, trying to get an MRI sorted out that I have an ordén médico for already. Just getting an appointment over Whatsapp seems to be taking forever. Any good alternatives?
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    Anywhere showing Eurovision on Saturday?

    Always more fun live and with other people!
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    More new arrival questions

    Thanks for this and the other replies. I've found somewhere now and the owner said something oblique about being able to cancel without any charge so maybe I'll be arrange something with that once I've met him. Shame about needing a local garantia for pretty much everything else!
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    More new arrival questions

    Thanks SpanishGuy - any tips on what words to avoid? As I'm not sure I've been avoiding them!
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    Where to buy tickets for ferry to Uruguay in cash

    Thanks guys, the Belgrano Buquebus branch was great - fast, efficient and the same price as the website. Thanks for all the recommendations.