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    Phone etiquette in Argentina -please help

    Hello everyone. I having been Buenos Aires for about 4 months now, but discovered today that I still might be abreast of proper phone etiquette. I have some questions, but also hope that this thread might be used by others with questions about speaking on the phone. My question is, if you do...
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    Freelance Rates in BsAs

    Hello. I am a freelance editor/motion graphics designer. I have, at long last, come to find some job offers, but am unsure of what is a fair rate to charge. Both job offers are well-funded projects for huge multinational corporations (VW, Sony) so I do not expect to have to be lean with my day...
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    Eco-Friendly products - where to find?

    Does anyone know about eco-friendly household products here? In particular I am talking about dish soap, laundry detergent, paper towels and other household cleaning products. PARTICULARLY in particular, I am looking for laundry detergent as I might be a little anal about how I do laundry. I'm...
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    Renting bikes for long term (Very cheap, not tourist US$ prices)

    The pictures on the craiglist post did not come up. can you post them here? i'd love to see the bikes.
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    How to Mail a Letter to the US

    I have looked here and elsewhere, but have not found an answer to this question - how to mail physical letters back to the US - how to address, how much postage is needed, etc. I know everyone has a horror story about Argentine mail, but I still am quite partial to snail mail letters. It's less...
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    There are a number of school supply shops in recoleta that I've found that carry them. Mostly on or near Santa Fe. Specifically near Uruguay and Santa Fe. I know this is not super helpful, but I can at least affirm you can get them.
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    Room available for November, Las Cañitas

    I must return to the US for work in November, and am looking to sublet my bedroom. It's in a 2 bedroom/2 bath apartment on Baez in Las Cañitas. Really amazing upscale neighborhood close to many restaurants, bars, polo field, the water. Just north of Palermo, and easily walkable to it (I timed it...
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    Alamo Bar today for Michigan v. Notre Dame College Football

    do they show a bunch of games? do you think ohio state-USC'll be shown?
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    Doors Within Doors Open, Big Doors Closed - What Does It Mean?

    There are a number of errand-type things I need to have done (get an apt key copied, use a copy machine, etc.) and I've tried going at different times of the day (I'm still a little confused by the hours some businesses keep), and the security door of the shop is never opened (the big metal door...
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    Why is it so important to have a round trip tix?

    PS - where are you coming from in Texas? I'm from Austin. There are a small handful of us here that I have found.
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    Why is it so important to have a round trip tix?

    I've read several different takes on this issue, as well as experienced it myself. What I've come to find is 1) it is a pretty bogus ploy of airlines to try and get you to pay for a roundtrip ticket, and 2) every situation is a little different so it's hard to come up with a definitive answer...
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    Good Whiskey in Buenos Aires - Affordable?

    Oh this is most excellent news! Jameson is indeed my drink of choice as well. If it is cheaper in BA than in Ireland I think I'll be in good shape. Thank you for the information.
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    Good Whiskey in Buenos Aires - Affordable?

    Hello. I am relatively new here. I've yet to make it down the city we all are gathered here to discuss, but will be within a fortnight, and suddenly I was hit with what is, for me, quite a concern. That is, namely, I love a good whiskey (Irish is preferred, but a Bourbon will suffice). A good...
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    2 BR/2Bath Apartment in Palermo Soho/ Owner

    This place sounds interesting. Do you have any photographs perchance?
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    Renters visa vs. Tourists visa

    EMR vs. Steveinbsas - It is a battle for the ages. If I might, I do have one question still pertaining to my original: Everyone here mentions needing an FBI report. On the checklist I received from the embassy, it just says "record from the police authority". I was going to get a clearance...
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    Renters visa vs. Tourists visa

    I've been going through these forums for about a week now, and haven't been able to find something addressing this issue outright. Apologies if this is redundant... I am moving to Buenos Aires in the upcoming months. I have never been there, but have some friends there, and feel sufficiently...