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    Long term personal storage unit recommendations

    Looking to store some furniture and personal house items for 2 years or longer. Any experience or recommendations appreciated. Palermo is preferred but open to other barrios.
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    Document Translation Recommendation

    Amazing, thanks so much!
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    Document Translation Recommendation

    Hi all, I'm looking to get a wedding certificate from the U.S. translated here (Argentina/CABA) in a day for migraciones. Any reliable translated recommendations who could most likely turn this around pretty quickly?
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    Hi Harriette! Our daughter (currently 4) has been attending Florence Nightingale School in Palermo Chico. The curriculum is wonderful, teachers are incredibly warm, and bilingual. Our daughter loves it. Can’t recommend enough. It is a bit pricier than other pre k schools in the area but worth it.
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    "Cafe Argentino", Brooklyn, NY, destroyed by fire...

    Sad news. My family would frequent Cafe Argentino - watched many fútbol matches there. I hope they rebuild or relocate.