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    Will it still be cold in September

    Mid-october is when it starts to get warm again properly. up to then, there'll be good days and bad days, good weeks and bad weeks. The best weather here is mid-october to mid-december- little rain, low humidity and beautiful blue skies. That said, you could be using the heating at night up...
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    Money being held by Argentine banks?

    You get 5 years grace when you get residency where you don't have to pay tax on your foreign assets. you are supposed to declare them at the start though. mind you, if you're silly enough to tell the argentine tax authorities that you hold assets overseas then you probably deserve to be handing...
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    Argentine provincialism

    it depends what you call mocking. latin americans all over the continent will laugh at our accents and 99% of the time it's not meant in a hurtful way; they usually think it's 'cute' the way we pronounce things. that's not to say it's not off-putting and belittling (it's something that really...
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    Learning Spanish Variations

    Yes, but 'vos' is used as a replacement for the singular 'tu' not for the plural 'vosotros'. So if you learn spanish spanish you'll have to learn the 'vosotros' (pretty much redundant in all of latin america) and then also the 'vos' forms. 2 extra conjugations instead of merely slowly replacing...
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    Money being held by Argentine banks?

    OK, the rules regarding money transfers: The Argentine government withholds 30% of any money sent into Argentina for 1 year. This is to avoid currency speculation. The only exception to this rule is for the purchase of property. However, the amount transferred in cannot exceed the value of the...
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    Work permit

    not to be pessimistic but it's nigh on impossible to get a cuit number unless you have legal residency here (with a work visa or through another scheme). I do know someone who just walked into his local AFIP office and got his cuit despite not living here legally but he's the only one i know who...
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    want to move to Argentina

    i believe there's a bi-lingual french-spanish school in belgrano but i know nothing about it. you could live in the northern suburbs in the country and commute in every day, it's not far. dtz
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    Work advice for newcomers a list of all private language and also the english style private bi-lingual schools where they study for the international gcse and a-levels in the northern suburbs. dtz
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    Learning Spanish Variations

    Seriously, don't bother learning Spanish from Spain if you're planning on spending most of your time in south america. The 'lisping' will get you laughed at and you'll also have to learn a whole extra part of every verb-the 'vosotros' form and all that goes with it. Stick to the mexican teacher...
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    that's always been the requirement but it's never been enforced. i can assure you that it still isn't. according to my mate matt at realbuenosaires, this idea that the government was suddenly asking for a local to register along with the foreigner is based on a case of chinese whispers. an...
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    Argentina's performance in Soccer world cup.

    nope, unless every other team allows riquelme to wander around the pitch without tackling him. stop riquelme and you stop argentina, despite the fact they have some other great creative players (messi, tevez, saviola). Yesterday you saw a superlative performance, probably one of the best team...
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    Bad Times In Buenos Aires

    Miranda France is one hell of a miserable old cow and manages to write an entire book out of whinges. Summer? Too hot. Winter? Too wet. Apparently there's nothing inbetween. Almost every singel sentence begins with something like 'The heat was oppressive' or 'The rain lashed down and flooded the...
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    Where to catch rugby games on TV?

    espn and espn+ show a lot of rugby, the tri-nations, 6 nations, heineken cup and local games as well, almost all of them live.
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    Olive oil

    if you know anything about cooking then you'll find the quality of argentine olive oil extremely poor. it's also very expensive. you can get some of spain and italy's finest olive oils in english supermarkets for 3/4 of the price charged for argentine oil in argentine supermarkets. argentine oil...
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    pre nup - advice needed!!!

    What Anda says is pretty much exactly what i've been told on numerous occasions by expats and argentines. any assets you had from before the marriage are yours and yours to keep. Any assets or money you earn once you get married get split 50-50 in the event of a divorce. Kind of benficial if...
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    Anyone interested in an expat meet up?

    There's a touch rugby game every saturday in the park next to the rose garden. Lots of kiwis who can share their experiences and quite a few other nationalities. a guy called rob runs it. contact him on [email protected] It starts around 4-4.15 on the zoo side of av Sarmiento and...
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    buying property-

    Yeah, i've mentioned those things to them as well but they're happy with how things are going at the moment. They're not in it for serious money, just to help other people avoid the problems that can occur here in buenos aires and to earn a liveable wage for the two of them. If it were me i'd go...
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    buying property-

    Loads of people are coming to Buenos Aires and buying property. Lots of them are getting seriously scammed, overcharged, lied to and worse. Not all, i should add, but a pretty large percentage. I met these guys just over a year or so ago on a social level and mentioned that i wanted to buy a...
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    Argentine Massage Therapist I can RECOMMEND!

    Does he have an office- i'm looking for a good massage therapist for a pretty serious back problem but unless he uses a proper massage table (ie one with a hole for you face so the whole back is aligned) i wouldn't be able to use his services. Thanks for the info, DTZ